'Vanderpump Rules' Season 8: Scheana says she bought an Apple watch for a guy who ghosted her and fans cringe

Scheana Shay's desperation and boy crazy behavior isn't sitting too well with fans of 'Vanderpump Rules'

                            'Vanderpump Rules' Season 8: Scheana says she bought an Apple watch for a guy who ghosted her and fans cringe
Scheana Shay (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for MTV)

Over the years we have gotten used to seeing Scheana hook up with multiple people. She usually preys on the new young men who join the restaurant.

She hasn't changed her pattern this season either, as right off the bat within the first 10 minutes of the episode, we see her recapping all that went down in her love life over the summer.
We are introduced to new face Brett Caprioni, who Scheana can be seen introducing to the other employees of SUR. When she was introducing him to Jax Taylor, Jax asks them if they already hooked up.

While Scheana laughs away and says they just met that weekend, Brett spills the beans about her. In his green room interview, Brett reveals that he kissed Scheana and she wasn't a great kisser.

However, Scheana doesn't seem to care much for her kiss with Brett because in her green room interview we see her talking about how she briefly had a fling with the general manager of TomTom and bought him an Apple watch to show him how much she cared about him but unfortunately ended up getting ghosted by him.


Fans collectively cringed at Scheana’s desperation. A fan tweeted, "Ish...Scheana is already coming off as desperate and doesn't seem to understand why guys run. #pumprules #VanderpumpRules."

One fan wrote, "scheana is the embodiment of a cringe #VanderpumpRules," while another commented, "I wouldn’t go on National tv to tell the world I bought a dude an Apple Watch and then he ghosted me #VanderpumpRules #pumprules."

Another fan pointed out, "Scheana you are more needy this season more than ever!!! Stop! Self worth goes a long way. You bought a man an Apple Watch & he ghosted you! Wow... #PumpRules #VanderpumpRules."

"Scheanas buying her men Apple watches to keep them and they don’t even text back that explains.... her #VanderpumpRules," expressed a fan.
Fans were also surprised at learning that Scheana wasn’t such a great kisser. A fan wrote, "Haha oh sheana sucks at kissing. Sheana you move waaaaay to fast in relationships hunny. She’s like Sid from Ice Age  #VanderpumpRules."

Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, "SHEENA IS A BAD KISSER?!? I knew it. New kids are making their mark already. #VanderpumpRules”. “Scheana reeks of desperation #VanderpumpRules #pumprules," observed a fan.
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