'Vanderpump Rules' Preview: Ariana asks Lisa for her old job at SUR while Carter tries to move in with Kristen

The sneak peek clip for the upcoming Episode 2 of 'Vanderpump Rules' Season 8 features Ariana and Lisa having an uncomfortable conversation

                            'Vanderpump Rules' Preview: Ariana asks Lisa for her old job at SUR while Carter tries to move in with Kristen
Ariana and Lisa Vanderpump (Bravo)

Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval managed to get into Lisa Vanderpump's bad books when they went around talking ill about her.

While Tom managed to resolve his differences with Lisa, Ariana was still in Lisa's bad side. In the sneak peek clip released by Bravo for the upcoming Episode 2, we see Ariana sitting down with Lisa and having the talk with the boss lady.
We see Ariana approaching Lisa with a request for getting her old job as a bartender back at SUR. Lisa asks her why she wants the job. Ariana then explains that she isn't happy just sitting at home doing nothing, and wants to come out and work at least once a week.

Lisa then addresses the rumors that Tom and she spread about her. Ariana apologizes for it and expresses her desire to move past it. Now, it remains to be seen whether Lisa will forgive her and give her job back.


It's not just Ariana who is trying to get back to her past. Even Kristen's ex-boyfriend Carter is trying to make his way back into her life. In the sneak peek clip we see Kristen unpacking her belongings with the help of Katie and Jax in her lovely new home.

When she suddenly receives a call from Carter asking her if he can move in with her because the house he was supposed to move in has some problems. Kristen looks confused and doesn’t know what to tell him. She hangs up on him saying she would talk to him later.
Jax immediately jumps in to Kristen's defense and asks her if she wants Carter to move in with her in her new house. When Kristen tells him she is confused and doesn’t know, he brings up his own past and explains why not letting Carter in might be the best for both of them.

He then offers to have a man-to-man talk with Carter about the living situation and giving space to Kristen. You can tune in to all the new episodes of 'Vanderpump Rules' Season 8 every Tuesday at 9/8c.

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