'Vanderpump Rules': Lala tells Raquel that James lied about being sober, fans think she's just a pot-stirrer

'Vanderpump Rules': Lala tells Raquel that James lied about being sober, fans think she's just a pot-stirrer
Lala Kent, James Kennedy, Raquel Leviss (Getty Images)

After this week's 'Vanderpump Rules', it would be safe to say that Lala Kent and Raquel Leviss' friendship may not see the light of day anytime soon. Even though the two tried to iron out their differences like two mature people, the effect of their honest conversation lasted for a short time. 

Last year, Lala wasn't done grieving her father's death when Raquel commented on how she was using her dad as an excuse for bad behavior. Raquel's poor choice of words and the timing of it put a dent on their friendship. However, Lala was ready to let it all go after learning of James Kennedy' sobriety journey and how Raquel had been an integral part of it.

"Last summer you like, really put down my intelligence, and it’s one thing to question my character, but it’s a completely different story when you diminish my intelligence and say that I’m stupid," Raquel said and added that if Lala still felt the same way she would be out of her hair in no time. "My time is very precious, and I wouldn’t waste it on someone who I felt was a true idiot," Lala replied, which didn't sound like an apology but worked for Raquel. 

But, who knew the sorry and thank you would last only until Tom Sandoval's extra-themed birthday party was underway. At the party, Raquel shared with Lala that James had been drinking without her knowledge and Logan Noh, James' former BFF, had been spreading the rumors. Lala tried her best to convince Raquel that she was being lied to, but she was just not ready to accept it. 

"I mean, I know that it's not made up. I've been there when deals have been, 'I get a blow job if I win and you have to do this if I win'," Lala said to Raquel, who reacted with a: "Shut the f*** up," and walked away. 

Meanwhile, fans are thrilled that Raquel stood her ground and called Lala out for unnecessarily stirring the pot. 

"yea, Lala just looking for drama to be relevant. That convo with Raquel wasn’t coming from a good place. Raquel normally bores me but not when she was checking Lala. Good job, girl! #vanderpumprules," a viewer shared while another said: "#LaLa has to stop telling people how they can talk to her when her diarrhea mouth is so obnoxious #PumpRules #vanderpumprules."

"I want Raquel one time to just straight punch Lala in the nose. I don’t condone violence but after her comments about Covid19 and seeing her tonight talk to Raquel like that annoyed the hell out of me. #PumpRules #vanderpumprules #BravoTV," another user shared. "So basically LaLa’s only storyline is hovering over James and Raquel. She’s boring, rude, self-centered and mean. She should really volunteer her time at bettering herself & not at the dog place. #PumpRules #vanderpumprules."

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