'Vanderpump Rules’: Fans call Jax a 'sociopath' after he cuts people from his life following death of Lisa's mother

After Lisa's kind words, Jax's reaction was to justify cutting his mother off from his life, because 'life is short'

                            'Vanderpump Rules’: Fans call Jax a 'sociopath' after he cuts people from his life following death of Lisa's mother
Jax Taylor (Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images)

When you hear the news of someone passing away, you feel sorry for their near and dear ones, and gratitude for the people still present in your life. That’s not the case with our ‘Vanderpump Rules’ star Jax Taylor. Jax, who is neck-deep in his role as groomzilla on the show was invited to his boss Lisa Vanderpump’s house along with his fiancée Brittany Cartwright.
Upon their arrival, Lisa Vanerpump breaks the sad news of her mother’s passing to the couple and informs them that she won’t be able to attend their wedding. She then shares her pearls of wisdom with the young couple and tells them life is short and not to hold on to petty things and grudges.

While any other person would interpret Lisa’s kind words as a sign to forgive people and hold your loved ones closer to your heart, Jax views it as a sign to cut more people off his life. Jax who already shares a troubled relationship with his mother believes that he is doing the right thing by cutting her off from his life since life is short. He also justifies his decision to not have his best friend Sandoval at his wedding anymore because, again, life is short.
Fans were left shocked by how Jax interpreted Lisa’s kind words. A fan tweeted, “Jax taking Lisa’s mom’s death as a reason to cut more people out of his wedding is dark. #PumpRules.” Another fan shared, “Damn Jax turned Lisa mother’s passing about into justifying cutting important people out of his life? I don’t have the energy anymore. #pumprules.”

“You’d think that after hearing about Lisa’s mom passing and what she said that Jax would’ve been like 'Omg life IS short, I need to invite my mother and my best friend to my wedding.' But no. Somehow in his twisted mind, he thinks he made the right decision. #PumpRules #BravoTV,” tweeted an annoyed fan.
Fans also began pointing out how Jax’s reaction was that of a sociopath. A fan expressed, “so Jaxs take away from Lisa telling him about the loss of her mother is; I cut one parent and a bf, who's next? WOW! How abt this Jax: Life is short. Make up with ur Mom before it's to late. #PumpRules.” Another fan observed, “So strange how, with Lisa’s loss, Jax sees that as a sign to cut people out of his life. What a sociopath. #pumprules.”

“Jax is a sociopath he simply cannot see others pain. What others are going through just cannot register with him. All that matters is how things affect him. That's it.  #Pumprules,” pointed out a fan.
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