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‘Vanderpump Rules’: James threatens to leave Raquel after she questions his drunken outburst during Pride

The upcoming episode features James threatening to leave Raquel after they get into a fight over his 'tone' of speaking to her
UPDATED MAR 19, 2020
Raquel Leviss and DJ James Kennedy (Getty Images)
Raquel Leviss and DJ James Kennedy (Getty Images)

James Kennedy is without a doubt the greatest thing to happen to reality television. While the eccentric DJ’s quirks are amusing to watch on-screen, it might not be the best thing if you had to live with it off-screen. When James gets drunk, he does and says some terrible things which can really hurt people.
For instance, in one of the earlier episodes, we saw James lose his temper at his girlfriend Raquel Leviss when she failed to show up at one of his shows at TomTom because she had to work at her job in SUR restaurant. He called up Raquel and yelled at her for not being there to support him during his performance, so the waitress quickly ditched her waitressing shift on one of the busiest days (LA Pride event) at the restaurant to attend her boyfriend’s set.
Later when she gets into trouble for it, James just shrugs off responsibility and blames Raquel for picking him over her job. When fans saw how he spoke down to her they couldn’t help but point out that she was in an “emotionally abusive” and “toxic” relationship with him. While we felt bad for the former beauty queen for having to put up with her boyfriend’s temper tantrums, what was more concerning was the fact that she stayed quiet and didn’t utter a word against him.


Thankfully, in the upcoming episode, we will be seeing her question James for his questionable behavior. We see her calling him out for the way he behaved while he was drunk during the Pride. James then points out that he has never been awful to her when he is sober. Raquel doesn’t seem to be in a mood to back down as she points out that it isn’t his words but his “tone” that gets to her. She explains how his “tone” makes her feel a certain type of way and that he should be “guilty” and “ashamed” of it.
James begins to get furious on hearing Raquel’s words and defends himself saying that he is from England and that is the way he talks and if she has a problem with it then he has no problem leaving her. When she still persists with trying to point out how his “tone” isn’t appreciated, he just cuts her off saying he has had enough of it and storms out of there saying that he would leave her.

Does this mean James and Raquel are done? We will have to watch the upcoming episode to know if the couple manages to work through the issue or decide to call it quits.

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