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‘Vanderpump Rules’: Dayna dips Max's necklace in toilet bowl and litter box, fan call it 'a power move'

Fans loved the way Dayna handled the situation with Max and they couldn’t stop singing praises of her for what she did to his necklace
UPDATED MAR 19, 2020
Dayna Kathan and Max Boyens (Getty Images)
Dayna Kathan and Max Boyens (Getty Images)

When Dayna Kathan began seeing Max Boyens in ‘Vanderpump Rules’, several women came forward with their horror stories of dating Max. Despite hearing from several women about how poorly Max treats women, the new SUR waitress decided to give the TomTom manager a shot and justified it by saying she wanted to form her own impression and didn't want her opinion or experience with Max to be tainted by other people’s experiences with him.
By now we all have seen the adage once a cheater, always a cheater play out more times than we can count on shows, and it wasn’t any different with Dayna and Max either. During her shift at SUR, a woman walks up to Dayna and tells her that she saw Max with another woman at a restaurant, and they reportedly looked very comfortable with each other. The girl also shows the Instagram page of the girl Max was spotted with. When Dayna sees that the girl was wearing the TomTom pride shirt, which only Max had, she is convinced that there might be some truth to Max’s player ways.

So she calls Max over to her place and confronts him about the girl. He tells Dayna that he did meet that girl and he used to date her but there was nothing between them. Dayna expresses that she feels very vulnerable and isn’t sure about Max’s behavior. Max apologizes to her and suggests that maybe they shouldn’t be together. Dayna agrees, and just like that the two lovebirds are done. She then remembers that he gave her his necklace, so she asks him to wait while she brings it back to him.

Dayna exacts her sweet revenge on Max by dipping his necklace in her toilet bowl and then twirling it in her cat’s litter box before handing it over to him. She explains in her green room interview that she will feel a bit better knowing that Max is wearing a “poo necklace” the next time he is busy flirting with other women.

Fans loved the way Dayna handled the situation with Max and couldn’t stop singing praises of her for what she did to his necklace. A fan tweeted, “OMG Dayna, dipping Max’s necklace in the toilet and litter box, revenge at its finest #PumpRules.”

Another fan wrote, “Dayna doing what she did to Max’s necklace after dumping him was the best thing to happen in 2020. Women are taking the world over and I’m here for it #PumpRules.”

“Dayna ending things with Max and then returning his necklace covered in toilet water and cat litter is a f***ing power move. I support it. #PumpRules #BravoTV,” echoed another supportive fan.

Another fan hailed Dayna as her hero with, “Omfg. @dayna_kathan is a hero dipping that necklace in the toilet and kitty litter before she gave it back to Max #vanderpumprules that’s how you do it girl. #dontf***wither #PumpRules @BravoTV.”

“Dayna just did that. Honestly, even a necklace covered in kitty litter is probably too good for that guy. #PumpRules,” observed another fan.

An awestruck fan commented, “Let’s keep Dayna. Just for the kitty litter necklace breakup gift. Bravo!! #PumpRules #BravoTV.”

Another fan pointed out how Max still didn’t have the sense to return back Scheana’s Apple Watch to her, despite getting his necklace back from Dayna after their breakup. “The racist still didn’t get the hint he should return the Apple Watch to scheana after Dayna returned the necklace??  #pumprules,” he said.

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