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'Vanderpump Rules': Jax slammed for saying he regrets marrying Brittany, fuming fans call him 'serial cheater'

As Jax began wondering if he married Brittany 'too quickly', fans called him out
Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright (Getty Images)
Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright (Getty Images)

Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor put the audience through a wringer with their neverending wedding episodes. Now that the wedding is finally over, we were hoping to see the couple have a great time and enjoy being married. Before their marriage, Jax admitted his fears of hurting Brittany or not being good enough for her. But while tying the knot, he promised Brittany that he would never leave her. In his green room interview, too, he revealed that nobody in their family ever got divorced and he wanted to continue with the same tradition, no matter what. 

But after watching the latest episode of 'Vanderpump Rules', fans can't help but wonder if Jax is having second thoughts about his earlier promises. In the episode, we see Jax pouring his heart out to Stassi Schroeder. When Stassi pulls Jax aside to point out to him how his behavior of late makes it seem "like he is losing his mind", Jax admitted that he is indeed feeling crazy. Stassi then tries explaining to Jax that he has it good because he has a beautiful home, a loving wife and everything seems to be going great for him.

Jax agrees with Stassi before revealing to her that he is still not happy and is more concerned about making others happy. He then tells her that he has been thinking about things lately, and is wondering if he did the right thing getting married and if Brittany will soon start wondering if she's making him unhappy. Stassi agreed with Jax and said that Brittany will start thinking that soon, before pointing out that Jax is self-sabotaging. Jax says that he hurts people by cheating on them and behaving like it means nothing to him. 

Stassi firmly tells him that he can struggle with his feelings, emotions and mental health, but he is in control of how he treats people. The episode ends with Jax finally admitting that he's scared that he might take out all his angst and frustrations on Brittany.

Fans began slamming Jax and speculating that he will cheat on her. A fan tweeted, "Jax is regretting the decision to marry Brittany. He’s a serial cheater. He was sitting on that couch looking like a starved animal. Omg. #pumprules."

Another fan wrote, "Jax saying he feels like he’s gonna take it out on Brittany... not like it’s a concern, but that he’s just accepted that’s what he’s going to do... what the hell!? @BravoTV #pumprules."

"Brittany and Jax’s marriage already have issues and it hasn’t even been a year yet. #PumpRules@BravoTV," pointed out a fan. 
Fans even began slamming Brittany for enabling Jax's toxic behavior not just in their marriage but otherwise too. A fan said, "Brittany just wanted a wedding not a marriage. Now, you’re stuck with that arrogant selfish douche bag. She really thought Jax changed. Have fun with your arrogant man baby #PumpRules." Another fan wrote, "No one cares about Brittany's whining. Your fault you married the loser #vanderpumprules #PumpRules." 

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