'Van Helsing' Season 4, Episode 7 Preview: 'Metamorphosis' returns focus on Vanessa and sees the debut of Dracula

The promo sees Vanessa going up against Sam and the Oracle and the episode marks the rise of ancient foe Dracula (Tricia Helfer). 

                            'Van Helsing' Season 4, Episode 7 Preview: 'Metamorphosis' returns focus on Vanessa and sees the debut of Dracula

It has been a while since we have seen what’s been happening with Vanessa Van Helsing (Kelly Overton) as the show’s focus has been on the rest of the cast. She’s back and for two rather significant moments that will change things drastically going forward - the coming together of three generations of Van Helsings, and the rise of their ancient foe, Dracula (Tricia Helfer). 

Watch the promo here: 



The last we saw Vanessa, she had officially renounced the killing of vampires, vowing instead to turn them back human. She had also reunited with Jack (Nicole Munoz) who, as we learned in Episode 5, ‘Liberty and Death’, is one of the next generation of Van Helsings grown in a lab by Hansen at Black-Tec. That fact is unknown to both Vanessa and Jack, though they’re aware of the similarity in their abilities. The other lab-grown Van Helsing, Violet (Keeya King), learned of her origins in the same episode and was last seen escaping the Black-Tec facility to find Vanessa - pursued in secret by Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl). 

As seen in the promo, Sam manages to catch up to the Van Helsings, accompanied by Bathory (Jesse Stanley), gloating mid-fight about having “already” won, in all likelihood referring to the raising one of the Van Helsings most powerful foes - Dracula. 

This is the moment that fans have been waiting for since Dracula’s debut was teased in a trailer for Season 4. The rise of Dracula will be a real turning point of the season. While already filled with several enigmatic and powerful villains, Dracula is a character in a separate class of evil altogether, empowered by decades (if not centuries) of historical context. A considerably powerful addition to the vampires, this rising threat will require more Van Helsings than ever before. 

'Van Helsing' Season 4 Episode 7 'Metamorphosis' will air on Syfy November 8. 

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