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'Van Helsing': Vanessa's whereabouts to Dracula's plan, here are 5 questions Season 5 needs to answer

The Season 4 finale saw Dracula come out on top and there are some major questions that Season 5 needs to answer

The Season 4 finale of 'Van Helsing' left our heroes in a bad way and the villains in a more dangerous position than ever. There's been little news since as to what's yet to come, aside from the announcement that the show has been renewed for its fifth and final season. With the Comic-Con@Home Panel Discussion for the show rapidly approaching, we take a look at the top 5 questions that we need answered in Season 5.

Where is Vanessa Van Helsing?

Vanessa Van Helsing (Kelly Overton) has not been seen since she sacrificed herself to save Jack (Nicole Munoz) and Violet (Keeya King) from the Dark One, Dracula (Tricia Helfer), deep within the Dark Realm. There's been little to no word of her since. While the Dark One has been freed, the only thing we know of Vanessa is that her voice came to offer reassurance to Jack, who is trapped inside a coffin in the Dark Realm. What has happened to Vanessa? Is she even alive? This is the first and most important question that needs to be answered in Season 5.

Are Jack and Violet Van Helsings or not?

Before leaving the Dark Realm, Dracula attempted to convince Jack and Violet that they were not related to Vanessa at all, but instead the direct descendants of Wilhelm (Dakota Daulby/Neal McDonough) and two women. Dracula's assertion is that Jack and Violet's blood has more in common with her than it has with Vanessa, but given that we've seen flashbacks of Wilhelm creating Jack and Violet in a lab using Vanessa's genetic material, it's hard to say what is real and what isn't. After all, the Dark One is known for her deception. The fate of humanity rests in the answer to this question.

What is post-apocalyptic America like?

When the Rising happened, it felt like the world ended properly and that America as a nation didn't matter so much as staying alive in it did. However, it appears that there is a part of America that has retained its sovereignty as a nation, even going so far as to elect its own president, who rules from an area safe from vampire infestation. We are yet to see what this non-vampiric America looks like, but with Dracula and Bathory (Jesse Stanley) now freed, we're about to get our first look at it before everything goes to Hell, once again.

What is the Dark One's ultimate plan?

For the moment, it looks like everything's going Dracula's way. Her greatest enemies are either incapacitated or left behind, she has her most loyal bride by her side, and she has shapeshifted into the form of the President of America, making her way to the last vampire-free zone in the country. She has all the power, and centuries worth of planning at her disposal. The only question is, what is she going to do now? What is the final step in her plan? Can the planet survive all that she has in store?

What is the orange powder?

One of the final scenes of the Season 4 finale introduces a strange orange powder — an apparent upgrade to the blue vampire repellant seen on the show. This powder is more potent, having taken out a whole group of daywalkers. However, it also appears to be a double-edged sword. For starters, instead of killing one of the daywalkers, it instead supercharged it, making it stronger, faster and many times more deadly.

Additionally, it seems to have drained the healing abilities of former vampires Axel (Jonathan Scarfe) and Julius (Aleks Paunovic), leaving them nearly dead from their injuries. Can the orange powder be used as an effective means of taking out masses of vampires or does it risk supercharging a random sampling of them and installing an all new deadly species in place?

The 'Van Helsing' Comic-Con@Home Panel Discussion will air on Thursday, July 23, at 5 pm. You can find additional details here.