The Prince and the Victoria's Secret model : Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's mansion was a conveyor belt of the rich and famous

The Prince and the Victoria's Secret model : Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's mansion was a conveyor belt of the rich and famous
Jeffrey Epstein (Source: Getty Images)

Prince Andrew's name stands out in the long list of people who visited Jeffrey Epstein's mansion but as it turns out, other famous personalities made it to the list as well.

A director for the Council on Foreign Relations, Valerie Brazill-Post, and a Victoria's Secret model, Lana Zakocela, are among the notable people who visited the mansion, according to a report by Daily Mail

Prince Andrew found himself drawing criticism after his five-day trip to the mansion came to light. The Duke of York visited the place in December 2010, 17 months after Epstein was released from the prison on account of child sex offenses.

Prince Andrew states that during his visit he did not see anything suspicious that would raise his eyebrows. However, his statement does not tally with six women and three men who were photographed entering and leaving the place at the same time.

Speaking to the outlet, Brazill-Post recalled that she had visited the mansion for a luncheon where a Nobel-prize winner had arrived to deliver a speech. 

"It was just a luncheon with a scientist that was there speaking about something that I was very interested in, that I'm involved in the field of. It was a Nobel Prize-winning scientist. And several people went to hear him speak," she said. 

However, she declined to comment if Prince Andrew was present there or not. Prince Andrew did not comment if he had attended the luncheon. However, surveillance camera footage shows Prince Andrews leaving the mansion after Brazill-Post.

When Prince Andrews was previously asked if he had attended any party that was thrown to celebrate the release of Epstein, the Duke of York denied the claims. 

However, he later added, "No, I didn't go. Oh, in 2010, there certainly wasn't a party to celebrate his release in December because it was a small dinner party, there were only eight or 10 of us I think for dinner. If there was a party then I'd know nothing about that."


Meanwhile, the other guest who was spotted at the hotel at the same time as Prince Andrew was Zakocela. The 32-year-old Zakocela recalled that she was introduced to Epstein by her agent who later invited her to come to a party where many girls of her age were present along with other older people. 

"If there were models from my agency, they were older than 18 because they wouldn't have been allowed to come to the US if they were younger," she said.

"There were a couple of Epstein's friends that he knew from somewhere. I remember there was a chef girl who could cook." However, she stated that she did not interact with Prince Andrew as she was at the starting stage of her career and did not know how to speak in English properly at that time.

She further shared that "everyone was somebody and nobody would tell who is who." Zakocela revealed that she had met Epstein on two separate occasions and both the times she felt "weird vibes" from him.

Zakocela stated that she had not been contacted by the FBI in Epstein's case because she barely knew him. "I'm following the story now but I had no idea and I'm glad that I left that agency. It's such a dark, terrible thing," she said.


As of now, no less than six women and three security officers were seen arriving at the mansion during the time when Prince Andrew was present. 

Since his visit has come to light, Prince Andrew has admitted that it was a mistake to visit the place just 17 months after Epstein was released from the prison. He has also stepped down from his royal duties after his name was dragged into the case.

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