'Vagrant Queen' Episode 3 Review: Isaac and Amae's budding friendship, space-rodents and a savior in Winnibot

'Vagrant Queen' Episode 3 Review: Isaac and Amae's budding friendship, space-rodents and a savior in Winnibot
Tim Rozon as Isaac and Alex McGregor as Amae (SYFY)

Spoilers for 'Vagrant Queen' Episode 3 'Nobody's Queen'

'Vagrant Queen' continues its crazy ride. The synth music, the colorful characters, space rodents and some movie references make 'Nobody's Queen' a fun episode especially with the Amae-Isaac (Alex McGregor and Tim Rozon) storyline which hints at the start of a great friendship.

A major chunk of the episode revolves around Elida's (Adriyan Rae) past as the people of her home planet, Arriopa, attempt to take on the Republic after years of preparation and planning so as to break out Elida's mother alive from their camp.

'Nobody's Queen' is exactly what the title says as it shows a young Elida who was never interested in being queen. The kingdom's rich history of having a warrior in their midst, in control of a powerful energy source, one that could control minds gets an explanation.

And Arriopa's ancestors were the only ones who weren't corrupted by the power of the source and were just rulers. All this though doesn't really perturb Elida. 


The episode starts off with the trio stopping for fuel when they are forcefully taken by Arriopas survivors. The remnants mounting their last stand hope to convince Elida to fight for them as she is their rightful queen, however, the scavenger declines.

Over the course of the episode, she does realize that she might have to actually help her people and look at it as a chance to rescue her mother from captivity. Except, she intends to do it her own way— stealth instead of an all-out attack. 


Meanwhile, Isaac and Amae, venture deeper into the planet and find themselves surrounded and hunted by space rodents. Their attempts to getaway look slim until Winni-bot, Amae's droid-like bot comes to the rescue.

Credit to the writers as they focus on a cheeky bot that dishes out some funny one-liners. Isaac and Amae become friends with the former giving her a quick look at his life on earth where he lived peacefully with his wife and kid.


There is also a reference to MacGyver, the two television movies, 'MacGyver: Lost Treasure of Atlantis' and 'MacGyver: Trail to Doomsday'. 

At this point, 'Vagrant Queen' doesn't tread too much on a dark path as the storylines still give carry that element of humor. The space rodents look ugly, but not threatening. Elida's flickering romance with Amae is yet to be explained and will surely be explored in the episodes to come. 


For now, 'Vagrant Queen' fans have nothing to complain about. It's quirky, vibrant and light and that's alright. Created by Jem Garrard 'Vagrant Queen' airs Friday on Syfy at 10 pm ET/PT.

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