'Vagabond' week 3: Cha Dal-geon has managed to convince the President of the terror attack, but does it really stop here?

'Vagabond' week 3 features Cha Dal-geon and Go Hae-ri partially succeed by bringing the country's attention to the truth about the plane crash.

                            'Vagabond' week 3: Cha Dal-geon has managed to convince the President of the terror attack, but does it really stop here?

In the third week of 'Vagabond', we see that Cha Dal-geon (Lee Seung-Gi) and Go Hae-ri (Bae Suzy) manage to bring the country's attention to the truth about the terror attack that happened on the plane to Morocco which killed 211 individuals, of which many were from South Korea. However, it is clear that exposing the truth may not be enough. The company behind the attack managed by Jessica Lee (Moon Jeong-Hee), might not be affected by this at all as they have people in high places, including the top tier government officials who take tea with the President himself. 


The damage is going to be minimal to none, but Dal-geon will have to be careful from now on if he wants to stay alive. With NIS investigating the case thoroughly on orders of the President Jung Kook-Pyo (Baek Yoon-Sik), certain things have come to light, including the fact that the co-pilot of the plane that went up in flames is not only alive but was part of the plan from the beginning. His wife, who is believed to have been an accomplice is rounded up and she falls into the trap that agent Gi Tae-ung (Shin Sung-Rok) has set.

What makes us excited for the upcoming episodes is the fact that none of this explains why Hae-ri and Dal-geon have lost contact in the present, or how Dal-geon even became a sniper. His dream and his late nephew's dream was for Dal-geon to become a worldclass stunt choreographer. However, he is nowhere close to that and it also seemed like he was not in touch with Hae-ri either. So how did the two end up in their respective situations is what adds more mystery to the already puzzling string of events of the past. 

A still of Cha Dal-geon in 'Vagabond'. (Source: SBS)


Added to this is the corporate tussle between two companies fighting to land a $10 billion deal with the government to produce fighter jets. Jessica's John and Park and another company called Dynamic are struggling to keep their spot in the bidding with each outmanoeuvring and scheming against the other into subservience. However, there is never a full-scale victory by either side and that is what complicates Dal-geon's situation.

Even as Dal-geon learns that hundreds of lives were lost for a deal there are other plans that are being put into action that add to the death count. At this point in 'Vagabond', we are certain about one thing: This corruption case might go a lot deeper than even NIS imagines, especially if Prime Minister Hong Soon-Jo (Moon Sung-Geun) is involved as hinted. How will Dal-geon move forward if he were to be betrayed by his government? We cannot wait to see in the next episodes of 'Vagabond'.

Vagabond episode 7 and 8 will air on Fridays and Saturdays on Netflix. 

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