V Wars: Ian Somerhalder is back in the vampire game, with a twist

V Wars: Ian Somerhalder is back in the vampire game, with a twist

From becoming the smooth-talking, sultry evil vampire with a heart of gold in 'The Vampire Diaries,' Ian Somerhalder is all set to take on a vampire show in 'V-Wars'. Yet, this time, there's a slight difference. In TVD, he played the role of Damon Salvatore, a rebellious and angsty vampire who is in love with a human being named Elena (Nina Dobrev), who, in turn, is dating his good-hearted brother Stefan (Paul Wesley). Long story short, he ends up with Elena, after innumerable battles spread over eight seasons, involving werewolves, witches and original vampires, and he turns human. Damon Salvatore was a snarky, witty vampire with a heart of gold, as it later turned out. 


But don't expect the same smoldering Ian Somerhalder in 'V-Wars.' The actor plays the role of a scientist, who is pitted against his best friend as they're thrust into a deadly crisis of a ravaging outbreak that splits society into warring factions, vampires and humans. Going by the Netflix trailer, he is trying his best to save humanity from the horrors of vampires, and on the way, of course, seems to get involved in some rather intimate encounters with them too. This is a harrowed and worried Ian that we see in the trailer, which is quite a difference from the Ian with a curling smile in 'The Vampire Diaries.'

Ian had become a sensation after 'The Vampire Diaries', but 'Lost' fans would always remember him as Boone Carlyle, who gets stranded on an island with other passengers after their plane crashes. Ian has acted in several TV shows and films before this, including 'Smallville', 'CSI Miami', and 'The Tournament'. While these were small roles where he was barely noticed, it was only after his stint in TVD that he acquired an astounding fanbase.

'V-Wars' will premiere on Netflix on December 5. 

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