'V Wars': How true will Ian Somerhalder's Netflix adaptation stay to the original comic's storyline?

'V Wars': How true will Ian Somerhalder's Netflix adaptation stay to the original comic's storyline?
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'V Wars' starring Ian Somerhalder and Adrian Holmes is all set to drop on Netflix on December 5. The vampire series is based on the comics of the same name, written by Johnathan Mayberry.

The story's premise is this: After one man is exposed to a virus that causes him to become a vampire, the rest of humanity is under threat.

In the show, Somerhalder plays the role of Dr. Luther Swann, the only man in the world with the knowledge of what exactly is infecting society. He must do what he can to save his son as well as his best friend, Michael Fayne (Adrian Holmes), who has been infected.

He is compelled to become a hero and has to push himself to the breaking point, to his loved ones, as well as the whole of humanity.

It remains to be seen whether the series remains loyal to the comic storyline, and to what extent. In the comics, the mysterious virus is released in the Arctic. This causes genes in humanity to transform into vampires.

However, there's a condition. Each vampire is genetically molded into a creature that is represented within their own culture, which makes them different from one another. The stories in the first anthology deal with the first infected modern vampire patient, as well as cells of vampire terrorists. 



However, the comics go beyond supernatural elements, and fuses political angles as well into the storyline. In the second volume, there are uneasy political tensions. Vampires are keen on forming their own nation, and world governments are sent for a toss when the Vampire Wars begin again.

In the third and fourth volumes, there was a stark difference between the Vampire Wars and the human wars of the past. There is an escalation of biological prejudice as friends and family members begin to turn on one another quickly. 

The TV show will take a storytelling format, unlike the anthological format of the books. Luther Swann, a character from the comics, struggles to look for a cure for the condition.

His friendship with Michael Fayne (Adrian Holmes), another lead character from the comics who was the first to get infected, faces trouble. In the comics, Luther is an academician, while in the show, he's a scientist.

In the novel, Michael and Luther don’t know each other until the outbreak. In an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), Holmes mentioned the difference between the character in the comics and the show.


"My character is an actor and a barista in the books whereas, in the show, I’m an aviation specialist and best friends with Luther Swann," he shared.

Fayne starts to lead the group of vampires, and the show hints at the first Vampire war. It remains to be seen whether the show will bring in the themes of global warming and political tensions, just like in the comics. 'V Wars' drops on Netflix on December 5.

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