'V Wars' Season 1 ending explained: With Dr Luther in trouble and Michael licking his wounds, who will now lead the vampires?

'V Wars' Season 1 ending explained: With Dr Luther in trouble and Michael licking his wounds, who will now lead the vampires?
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Spoiler alert for V Wars Season 1

The vampire genre has dominated the big and small screens for more than a decade. Be it 'Dracula', or 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer', or the smoldering shirtless vampires in 'The Vampire Diaries' and 'Originals', this range of fantasy has found much love and appreciation from the audience, despite the usual slackening of storytelling and falling back into the old and convenient tropes. And Netflix's latest offer ' V Wars' starring everyone's favorite vampire Ian Somerhalder, despite a promising premise and concept, stumbles along the way and throws together a rather baffling ending. For the unversed, the show is based on the comics and multimedia franchise, which explored concepts like global warming and contemporary political tensions.

After a few perfunctory mentions of these subjects, 'V Wars' takes its own route. The story revolves around Dr Luther Swann (Ian Somerhalder), who accidentally brings back a virus with his BFF Michael Fayne (Adrian Holmes). While Luther remains unaffected by the virus, Michael turns into a vampire, who needs to feed on humans to survive. The 'disease' spreads, and Michael becomes the leader of the vampires, who have called themselves 'Blood Nation'. The government refers to them as 'terrorists' and there are unsettling mentions of internment camps for them. Meanwhile, Luther is desperate to cure the 'disease', as he calls it. His son Dez gets exposed to it, but he has 'immunity' so he cannot be affected by the virus. This gives Luther some hope.


Luther tries to strike peace with the vampires, with not much success. For starters, he doesn't admit that they are unique and distinct species, whereas the Luther character in the comics wanted vampires and humans to co-exist peacefully and was not hell-bent on a cure for them. In short, the character in the comics did not have a savior complex. 

With the help of other leaders, he engineers a substitute for the vampires called 'BludSub' after striking a truce with Michael. However, in the last episode, it gets tainted and many vampires suffer, causing another uproar and rebellion. Humans are not to be trusted, and Michael loses his followers after this incident. Yet, the most interesting twist in the tale is when  Calix Nikolos (Peter Outerbridge), who was seemingly on the side of the humans to bring down the vampires, emerges as the leader of the vampires, instead of Kayla, or rather Yuki Nitobe as in the comics. Luther's son Dez is kidnapped, too. The episode ends with Mila (Laura Vandervoot) coming up to Luther four months later and telling him that she knows where his son is. And thus, making way for season 2.

'V Wars' Season 1 is streaming now on Netflix. 

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