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Will BTS members make cameos in each others' solo videos? V spotted in J-Hope's 'More'

Fans want more BTS cameos in their solo music videos after V makes a comeback in J-Hope's music video for 'More' after 'Daydream'
After members Jin and Jungkook appeared in Suga's 'Daechwita', BTS V makes a second cameo in J-Hope's 'More' following his first appearance in his 2018 single 'Daydream' (
After members Jin and Jungkook appeared in Suga's 'Daechwita', BTS V makes a second cameo in J-Hope's 'More' following his first appearance in his 2018 single 'Daydream' (

BTS has become one of the biggest boy groups in the world and each time they collab with other artists, its big news. But even though they have featured artists like Nicki Minaj, Halsey and Coldplay in their popular music videos for 'Idol', 'Boy With Luv', and 'My Universe', respectively, BTS has always preferred cameos from their own group members for their solo mix-tape songs and videos.

It seems like BTS' "Chapter 2" intends to 'keep it in the family' as well. In the most BTS fashion ever, the single from J-Hope 'More' topped iTunes charts worldwide in 84 countries while the music video began trending on YouTube in South Korea. But it was the music video that had fans brewing theories about a subtle, 'blink-and-you-miss' cameo by V (aka Kim Taehyung). After all, the business of BTS members starring in each others' songs started with BTS J-Hope's 2018 release 'Daydream', which featured V in a short cameo. Although the single had a music video, it was never considered to be the rapper's solo debut as the song was only part of his mixtape that was released online. Now fans are wondering if the all the upcoming BTS members' solo songs will also have similar surprise cameos from BTS members themselves.


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BTS V makes second cameo in J-Hope's 'More' video

As soon as the music video for 'More' was released, fans started talking about how Taehyung aka V made a special appearance in his J-Hope's video for a second time. In one of the many 'freeze-frame' scenes in the music video, BTS V appears in the grey-hued but chaotic office crowd. Among the many office workers, V is not looking into the camera and his face is covered by his floppy hair. But since fans can even identify the silhouettes of BTS members, they were quick to confirm that the office worker on the right side of the frame was none other than Kim Taehyung, especially as he was wearing his trademark casual slippers.

But V is not the only BTS member to make a cameo in a BTS member's solo music video. Back in 2020, Suga released his second mixtape, 'D-2' with a music video for the single, 'Daechwita'. The music video from Suga featured BTS' maknae Jungkook and the boy group's fake maknae Jin, disguised as peasants at a flea market as the duo channeled their usual chaotic bickering on-screen after bumping into Suga. The cameo was a hit among fans and now this new special appearance from V has fans hoping that along with BTS members' solo debuts, they will get to see a lot of member cameos. 


'Another BTS cameo?'

Fans are now discussing the odds of having more cameos from BTS members in each others solo videos. One fan said, "Tae's cameo in daydream🀝 tae's cameo in more" One more fan said, "I bet he arrives early to shoot his cameo for the rapline MVs but late for the BTS MVs." Another fan said, "Armys: *sniffs* bangtan's going on a break *sniffs* they'll be focusing on their solo albums *cries* and they sort of going to be separated for a while *sobs* meanwhile bts making a cameo in each member's mv..."

One more fan said, "Antis & solo stans swear they celebrated "bts solo", "bts break", "bts hiatus", "bts d***and" and it's just only the first member's solo mv and there's already a cameo of another bts member sksjjss istg i love them so much they will stick with eo no matter what." Another fan said, "What if all bts members have cameo in every single solo projects of each one have.. like jk & jin is daechwita, then may speculation na si tae yung nasa mv ni hobi.. anyways stream 'more'!!"

One more fan said, "AHHH AND IF BTS MEMBERS CAMEO IN EACH OTHERS MVs AHHHHH." One fan theorized, "In the office scene the light being projected from window is ARMY logo, j-hope tosses away paperwork & it looks like Tae made a cameo. His different worlds & personas can clash yet co-exist."