Who is Yvette Silva? Hero coach ALERTED Uvalde school's office as soon as Salvador Ramos entered premises

Who is Yvette Silva? Hero coach ALERTED Uvalde school's office as soon as Salvador Ramos entered premises
Yvette Silva (L), a coach at Robb Elementary School, spotted Salvador Ramos (M) jumping the school fence with a gun (Photo: @MattRoy_TV/Twitter/@salv8dor/Instagram/Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Salvador Ramos entered Robb Elementary School on May 24, Tuesday, and killed 19 students, and 2 teachers. He was later shot by the police, but the damage he left is permanent. Now, Texas House Committee has released an extensive 77-page-report that revealed some shocking details, such as Salvador's illegal purchase of firearms. As per Texas gun laws, one can be in possession of firearms after the age of 18, but Salvador got the weapons 3 months before the shooting. The same report has also mentioned an alert female coach of Robb Elementary school who might have saved a lot of lives because she spotted Salvador Ramos as soon as he entered the school premises. 

The report mentions that coach Yvette Silva was outside with some third-graders of Robb Elementary when she saw someone jumping over the fence carrying a backpack and a gun. As Salvador jumped over the fence, Silva saw him firing his gun in the air and she acted quickly. She promptly notified her school office via her radio saying, "Coach Silva to office, somebody just jumped over the fence and he's shooting," as she gathered every third-grader with her and went inside. The report also mentions another coach, Abraham Gonzales, who alerted the students and instructed them to run away after hearing gunshots. On the other hand, teachers Sasha Martinez and Lynn Deming were preparing to take their students for recess when they were alerted by Gonzales' screams. 


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The report wrote about coach Silva, "Robb Elementary School Coach Yvette Silva acted heroically and almost certainly saved lives by alerting the school to the attacker's advance. Most fourth grade classes successfully locked down as a result of her quick response." After coach Yvette Silva informed Principal Gutierrez about the shooter, he further relayed the message to Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District Police Chief Pete Arredondo who instructed him to shut the school down. However, the reports also mention that Gutierrez was unable to alert the entire school about the shooting threat as the bad wi-fi signal stopped him from using the school's app.

Yvette Silva, a coach at Robb Elementary School, saw Salvador Ramos jumping the fence with a gun and informed the principal,, saving a lot of lives in the process. (Photo: @MattRoy_TV/Twitter)
Yvette Silva, a coach at Robb Elementary School, saw Salvador Ramos jumping the fence with a gun and informed the principal (Photo: @MattRoy_TV/Twitter)

Who is Yvette Silva?

As of now, not much is known about coach Silva apart from the fact that she helped save a lot of lives. Silva's messages helped alert Principal Mandy Gutierrez moments after Salvador entered the campus. Because of Silva, many Uvalde authorities, including the police chief, were notified. The report also mentions that head custodian Jaime Perez heard Silva's announcement through the radio and quickly initiated a lockdown. But the report also reveals that Gutierrez, despite being informed of the shooter by Silva, did not use the intercom to alert the school of the shooter.

Reporter Matt Roy captured Silva in a video while leaving the courtroom from the backdoor. He uploaded the video with a caption saying, "First witness of the day was UCISD PE teacher Yvette Silva. After testimony she was ushered out the back door of the city hall to avoid media. No comment at this time for us."



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Apart from the Principal, the 376 law enforcement officials that were at the scene couldn't act properly and the report says that the disorganized response on the part of the police may have cost lives. It reads, "They failed to prioritize saving the lives of innocent victims over their own safety." The police has got some serious backlash after several videos showing them casually entering the school, fist-bumping and hugging each other, even as the shooter continued his rampage. Uvalde County Sheriff's Deputy Eric Gonzales was even seen using the hand sanitizer in the hallway that led to the classroom where the shooter had barricaded himself. 

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