‘Dare Me’ Episode 10: Addy realizes Colette played her all along as the coach reveals her true colors

‘Dare Me’ Episode 10: Addy realizes Colette played her all along as the coach reveals her true colors
Addy Hanlon (USA Network)

Spoiler alert for ‘Dare Me’ Episode 10 ‘Shock and Awe’

USA Networks thriller series ‘Dare Me’ had it all. There was no dearth of entertainment in the thriller series, widely ranging from typical teenage drama to unraveling of a gruesome murder. ‘Shock and Awe’, unlike the previous episodes, showcased a flip in the characters, thus ending with a major cliffhanger.

Sergeant Will Mosley's (Zach Roerig) death has created quite the storm within Sutton Grove High School and the police’s suspicion is growing stronger by the day as they begin to gather more evidence. Addy Hanlon (Herizen Guardiola) is petrified by the chaos that’s unfolding right before her eyes and suggests to Colette French (Willa Fitzgerald) that the only way to feel less guilty would tell the police the truth. However, Colette yet again stops her from doing so with her manipulative ways.

Meanwhile, led by her intuitions, Beth Cassidy (Marlo Kelly) visits Will’s apartment to find any possible evidence against Colette, as she’s determined to prove the coach’s involvement in Will’s death, which now is being established as murder, following series of investigations. 

When Colette runs into Addy’s mother at school, she alerts the police officer about Sergeant Corporal Kurtz’s (Chris Zylka) attraction towards younger girls calling him a “sexual predator”, only trying to shift the focus from Will’s rather suspicious death. 

We wouldn’t know it was to save her best friend or to wreak vengeance on their coach, but when Beth meets Addy during the practice session, she forces Addy to tell her if she was with Colete the night Will was murdered. When Addy denies, Beth instills a strange fear in her girl by asking about the Hamsa bracelet. 

A shaken Addy goes to Colette, hoping she would lend a shoulder to lean on and even answer questions concerning the night, which only the coach seems to know. However, she conveniently turns her back on Addy, let alone entertain her misery. 

At this, Addy realizes that Colette played her all along, to cover up her own bloody act.

Season 1 of USA Network’s ‘Dare Me’ send chills down our spine prior to its conclusion by revealing who actually killed Will, as Colette and Matt French (Rob Heaps) are seen rummaging through their things to find the Hamsa bracelet, which they left behind “that night”.

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