‘Briarpatch’ Episode 5 reveals Eve Raytek's true colors, fans say they ‘knew something was up with her’ 

‘Briarpatch’ Episode 5 reveals Eve Raytek's true colors, fans say they ‘knew something was up with her’ 
Gene Colder and Eve Raytek (USA Network)

While the mystery surrounding Felicity Dill’s (Michele Weaver) death is getting murkier by the episode, ‘Behind God’s Back’ introduced us to a couple more subplots, which seem to have caught viewers’ attention. 

Episode 5 saw a brave and determined Allegra Dill (Rosario Dawson) go every which way to track down her sister’s killer, despite the investigation being closed following the twin bombing in the city, which was conveniently pinned on Floyd Ferness (Jon Beavers). The episode also showcased the altered behavior of the police chief Eve Raytek (Kim Dickens), which is mostly influenced by the Mayor, who is rather concerned about "pushing his business".

On watching the latest episode, fans took to social media to call out Eve for her treatment of Allegra and also express their concern over her hidden motives. A fan wrote, “I knew something was up with Eve the first time we met her in that bathroom. I bet it doesn't stop with her, though. The way the mayor talks to her, you can tell he's in on it, too. Allegra was right. This place is a poisonous shithole. #Briarpatch”

Meanwhile, some can’t help but wonder if Jake Spivey (Jay R Ferguson), who has been extremely good in Allegra’s eye, is involved in the human trafficking which Lalo (David Zaldivar)  is in-charge of. 

“This show really knows how to leave you hanging. Who is behind the human trafficking? This doesn't feel like Jake. Clyde might be involved because he was way too eager to do time. But I feel like those are red herrings. Either way, I want to see the next episode already. #Briarpatch,” tweeted one fan. 

Another asked, “Wow Lala, so thats how you feel. Something else is going on though bc he's talking on the phone to someone. What is going on? #Briarpatch?”


Another fan who seems to have gotten their head around the zoo animals strolling about the lanes of  San Bonifacio has noted that they could be serving as clues. “This zoo story has to lead to something, right? It's been one of the first stories in the show. I almost feel like each one of the animals that we've seen loose is actually a clue. #Briarpatch”.


'Briarpatch' airs on Mondays on USA Network.

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