'Briarpatch' Episode 4: Is Allegra being played for a fool by everyone except Floyd?

'Briarpatch' Episode 4: Is Allegra being played for a fool by everyone except Floyd?
Allegra Dill (USA Network)

It all started with Harold stating, "It appears... Someone just blew up the landlady." It has only been an undaunted Allegra Dill’s (Rosario Dawson) efforts to find the truth behind the tragic death of her sister Felicity Dill (Michele Weaver), while navigating the much prevalent political issues in the home city of Texas.

From the very beginning, Allegra’s facial expressions alone were enough to establish her disinterest in returning to her hometown. In the latest episode of 'Briarpatch' titled 'Breadknife Weather', she was seen throwing tantrums at her dead sister's grave for bringing herself back to the "poisonous shithole".

Allegra's attitude towards everything concerning the seemingly bizarre city is indicative of the hatred for it that she has developed over the years, which is further fueled by the loss of her beloved sister. However, she had no choice but to force herself to reside in the much-disliked region, only to bring justice to Felicity. Despite being bogged down by umpteenth issues both on personal and professional end, she continued holding tightly onto the last strand of hope. 

But, in the latest episode, Allegra seems to have learned it the hard way that she can trust no one in the godforsaken hometown of hers and we can't help but pity her for what she’s going through. It almost seems like everybody in "Saint Disgrace" is well-aware of what led to Felicity's death in a car bombing, except her own sister and former boyfriend Floyd Ferness (Jon Beavers).

For instance, the police chief Eve Raytek (Kim Dickens) was seen telling Allegra on multiple occasions, "We're all doing our jobs. You do yours." All this while conveniently pinning Felicity’s murder on Floyd despite the lack of solid evidence. Previously, she was also seen working out plans with the Mayor for the same. 

Jake Spivey (Jay R Ferguson), who comes across as the only trustful person in Allegra's life, is seen dodging questions regarding Felicity’s highly suspicious death each time her sister tries get more clarity. And what does he do instead? Shower the "sweet girl" with endless sympathy. 

Meanwhile, Cyrus also hints at the Senate Committee's interest in striking a deal with Clyde Brattle (Alan Cumming), who until now was presented as their target. At this, Allegra realizes that she was being played all along, for else's benefit.

Towards the end of the episode, moments before succumbing to the shots fired at him, Floyd hands Allegra an encrypted recorded tape from Felicity’s apartment, which he says could reveal Felicity’s killer.

When yet another theory surrounding Felicity's death is thrown at Allegra, which states that her sister got into a beef with Strucker only weeks before getting blown up, Allegra tells A D Singe (Edi Gathegi) that she isn’t going to buy anything that they are selling. 

Now that Allegra has realized nearly everybody's true intentions, will she still be motivated to go after her sister's killer or continue pursuing the factors associated with it? Perhaps, the tape handed over by Floyd could help her get a closure. 

'Briarpatch' airs on Mondays on USA Network.


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