UFO sighting: 'Car-sized balls of light' chased US warship, dodged anti-drone weapons

Filmmaker Dave C Beaty revealed two objects lurked around US warship in October 2021

                            UFO sighting: 'Car-sized balls of light' chased US warship, dodged anti-drone weapons
Two balls of light flying over the USS Kearsage (Facebook)

A warship of the US Navy was shadowed by two balls of light that were unaffected by the anti-drone weapons, as claimed. The USS Kearsarge is the most recent vessel that reportedly had the shadowed encounter with the mysterious phenomena. 

Documentary filmmaker Dave C Beaty, who is the producer of 'The Nimitz Encounters' about the well-known US Navy encounter with the 'Tic Tac' object in 2004, revealed this sighting from October 2021.


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He claims at least two objects were found to be lurking near the USS Kearsarge. The 40,500 ton assault ship was shadowed by the two car-sized light balls for several nights when it was on a training exercise off the US Eastern Coast. Those familiar with the odd encounter of menacing 'balls of light' say that the phenomena has been following the ship for almost half a mile and is around 200 feet about the ocean.

Filmmaker Beaty contacted a now-retired US Marine officer who goes only by the name 'Mark' in regards to this uncommon occurrence. At the time of the unusual occurrence, the USS Kearsarge was undergoing training for an overseas deployment in the future. This training also included systems that were designed to take down enemy drones. The weapons included anti-drone “Ghostbusters”-style backpacks, and systems mounted on vehicles.

Their Facebook page reveals that the ship had these capabilities on board when this encounter was claimed to have taken place. The deck watch spotted these objects at night but they could not get a thermal target lock on them. The crew has recorded the incident but the footage has not been released yet. All marines on board assumed the 'balls of light' to be an element of the surprise training aspect for the new anti-drone weapons. However, it was later revealed that the countermeasures did not disrupt the objects, they only performed swooping maneuvers while following the assault vessel. 

Mark told Beaty that the objects were 'not ours'. The filmmaker is trying to dig deeper as this is the latest UFO incident that has been reported. “Anything that would expose a military weakness or military capability of course is sensitive, but if these objects turn out to be not man-made and not foreign state actors, we need to be open and address these with academic study, empirical methods, and grant funding to conduct research at the university level,” he told the Sun Online.

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