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UFO videos are REAL! US Navy finally confirms footage of UFOs taken by pilots after years of public speculation

The Navy also said that the videos of the mysterious aerial phenomena were not to be released to the public.
UPDATED MAR 27, 2020
(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

While the world continues to ponder over the authenticity of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), the American Navy has come up with a startling update on the subject. It has said that the spectacular footage of 2017 that appears to show ‘unexplained aerial phenomena’ (UAP) is authentic but it was not meant to be released to the common people. Clips of the footage were first published by The New York Times in December 2017.  Officials of the defense department have recorded them twice - once near San Diego in 2004 and another off the coast of Jacksonville in 2015. To The Stars Academy released an additional video from the 2015 incident several months after the release of the earlier videos and it left the Navy pilots baffled.

On Tuesday, September 17, the Navy confirmed for the first time the authenticity of the videos. Navy spokesperson Joseph Gradisher told The Black Vault, a clearinghouse for conspiracy theories that include those related to aliens, that the Navy considers the phenomena contained in the three videos as “unidentified”.  “The Navy has not publicly released characterizations or descriptions, nor released any hypothesis or conclusions, in regard to the objects contained in the referenced videos.”  The Navy likes to call the mysterious objects seen in the videos more as UAP and not UFO, which is more popularly used, a Daily Mail report said. 

In June, American senators were reportedly told by the Pentagon about the recent reports of Navy pilots spotting the unidentified objects. That the political leadership is also concerned about the UFO sightings was understood when the spokesperson of Virginia Senator Mark Warner, Rachel Cohen, was quoted by Politico as saying: “If naval pilots are running into unexplained interference in the air, that's a safety concern Senator Warner believes we need to get to the bottom of.” Warner is the vice-chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. The briefing was reportedly done by the Navy and included staff from the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence. 

Ed Booth, an aviation expert with News4Jax, said Navy pilots are highly equipped to report these sightings and it has been experienced in over a century of aviation history. 

"What this object is that shows up in this video remains to be seen. It's very interesting. It's certainly moving in ways atmospheric aircraft are not capable in moving,” Booth was quoted as saying. 

President Donald Trump was also not far from the episode surrounding the mystery. On June 16, the matter came up during his discussion with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos and he admitted of getting briefed on the rise in US Navy pilots reporting unidentified aircraft in recent times. Trump, however, said “not particularly” while answering whether he believed in UFOs. He also put it in the pilots’ court saying they would know whether extraterrestrial life has been confirmed.