Will Donald Trump cry if he wins? President enforces ‘macho image’ in Fox & Friends interview

Trump remarked, 'I was kidding,' adding, 'That would be very bad for my image as president'

                            Will Donald Trump cry if he wins? President enforces ‘macho image’ in Fox & Friends interview
Donald Trump (Getty Images)

As the US Elections 2020 gets under way, President Donald Trump was live on 'Fox & Friends' Tuesday morning to address viewers in a final push to covince undecided Americans heading to the polls. In the months leading up to this day, the 74-year-old tirelessly campaigned with multiple rallies on the same day. “Well, we feel very good,” Trump said at the Michigan rally. “We built the greatest economy in the world. It was horribly interrupted by something that should have never happened.” 

In a live phone-in interview on Fox & Friends Trump sounded tired and sparked several worried responses on Twitter. During the interview when Fox journalist Steve Doocy asked him, “The crowd was screaming 'we love you,' and you said, 'don't make me cry.' Were you a little emotional then because that could have been your last rally in your political life?” Trump remarked, “I was kidding,” adding, “That would be very bad for my image as president.”

Doocy then asked, “So you've never cried as president?” Trump continued that he was just kidding, and referring to the crowd's chants of “WE LOVE YOU!”, he added “But it's emotional, it's incredible, it's tremendous love. Nobody's ever seen it before.”

President Donald Trump (Getty Images)


His comments soon left people on the Internet intrigued and they couldn't stop wondering if Trump would cry if he wins. One user shared the 1.07-minute clip of the interview and wrote, “An absolutely hard-hitting interview from the Fox & Friends cast.” Another posted, “You would have to be human to cry. He doesn’t even laugh.” 

Many other haters joined in and even mocked the questions. “He is jumping all around. Dementia is setting in. Fox & Friends are three Clown kissing tRumps ass. I love hearing Trump sound lost and alone. This warms my heart. Now I want to hear Donny Jr whine and cry,” one tweet read and another said, “He sounds horrible, almost sickly. I wonder what he has been taking the past weeks to keep going.”

“I expect nothing but hard-hitting, tough questions from Doocy... Like 'what's your favorite ice cream flavor?' or 'what sound does a cow make?'” one user joked and another said, “And Trump can't even answer those!”















So, will Trump cry if he wins? Well, only time will tell if he can shed his macho image and let his emotions be revealed in public. For now, steal a glance at the moment he told the Michigan crowd, “Don't say that, I'll start to cry,” after hearing loud chants of “WE LOVE YOU!” reverberating at his rally.


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