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Should Andy Ngo be unverified for creating alter-egos and fake profiles? Internet calls him a 'right-wing liar'

The controversial journalist was accused of collaborating with far-right-wing groups and provoking protesters to establish that antifa-related groups are violent
Andy Ngo (Getty Images)
Andy Ngo (Getty Images)

Journalist Andy Ngo, who is an editor-at-large at the conservative media outlet The Post Millenial, has been in the spotlight for covering antifa groups and their clashes with White nationalist groups. His new outlet and he have been accused of allegedly manipulating facts, collaborating with far-right-wing groups and provoking protesters to establish that antifa-related groups are violent, according to a report by The Ubyssey.  

In June 2020, Ngo sued individuals purportedly associated with antifa, seeking $900,000 in damages for assault and emotional distress and an injunction to prevent further harassment. It was filed on Ngo's behalf by his attorney Harmeet Dhillon, which names Rose City Antifa, five other named defendants and additional unknown assailants. However, most Twitter users are of the view that Ngo is unreliable and his verified account on the social media platform should be ‘unverified’.

According to the Twitter handle @defendpdx, described as a collective of journalists wrote: “Andy Ngo operates alter-egos so he can post a range of true opinions he knows would hurt his online ego. F**k Andy Ngo.”


In July this year The Daily Beast had conducted an investigation on conservative news outlets like Newsmax and Washington Examiner who had published Middle East hot takes from “experts” who are actually fake personas pushing propaganda. They exposed a fake person named Raphael Badani, who does not exist, his expert opinions were on a number of platforms. According to report, Badani is part of a network of at least 19 fake personas that has spent the past year placing more than 90 opinion pieces in 46 different publications. The investigation alleges that articles critical of Qatar and supportive of tougher sanctions on Iran by this network was placed in outlets like Human Events and The Post Millennial, founded by Ngo.

One wrote: "Twitter should #UnverifyAndyNgo immediately after he has proven he operates a multitude of alter-egos and fake profiles! This is the exact reason the verify system exists, to prevent fake people and fake profiles. Do something about it @TwitterSupport."


On user requested, “Yes I do think @TwitterSupport should #UnverifyAndyNgo. If you agree please create your own tweet and use the hashtag #UnverifyAndyNgo.” Another wrote: “Andy Ngo is spreading lies with his account. #UnverifyAndyNgo.”


One user accused, “#UnverifyAndyNgo because he’s a right wing grifting thief & liar, he also gives kill lists to Atomwaffen. Bad guy. #UnverifyAndyNgo #UnverifyAndyNgo #UnverifyAndyNgo.”


People hurled allegations against Ngo. One wrote: “Its time to #unverifyandyngo @twittersupport enough astroturfing and deception.”


Another user wrote: “His followers have Twitter trolled disabled folks, for being disabled. That kind of harassment is made possible by his doxxing. He is a threat to everyone, but especially to any demographics that already face intense discrimination.”


One concurred, “#UnverifyAndyNgo he doxxes people on the reg, spreads gross and inflammatory misinformation, provides kill lists to atomwaffen, and overall is a complete s**thead who works with the proud boys/patriot prayer.”


Another user wrote: "Andy Ngo is spreading lies with his account. #UnverifyAndyNgo."


According to 2019 report by The Rolling Stone, Ngo, who claimed to have been attacked by antifascist protesters at a Proud Boys rally, a left-wing activist went undercover as a member of Patriot Prayer, a far-right group known for promoting and engaging in violent clashes with leftist activists, and submitted an 18-minute video to local newspaper Portland Mercury. This included footage of Ngo with a group of Patriot Prayer members as the members discuss an upcoming brawl, including weaponry to be used in altercations with antifa.

The source further told the Mercury that Ngo and Patriot Prayer have an “understanding” that the group offers him protection when he covers rallies in exchange for favorable coverage. These allegations were denied by Ngo, according to the report.

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