'Unsellable Houses': Leslie and Lyndsay get into a cute fight over painting a wall ombre

'Unsellable Houses': Leslie and Lyndsay get into a cute fight over painting a wall ombre

Spoilers for 'Unsellable Houses'

The real estate market is tough and to get an old house to sell easily, is not a cakewalk for sure. Experts and hosts of HGTV's 'Unsellable Houses,' Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis, will take on yet another languishing piece of property, give it a good glow-up, and put it up for sale in the market one more time.

Like most episodes, this too is an emotional one. A woman, who cares for her ailing father, is experiencing difficulty selling her house. Leslie and Lyndsay take it on themselves to help the woman transform her abode into an industrial-chic showstopper - something a high-end buyer would lap up. 

The interesting bit is, the sisters are so confident about their craft that they don't mind investing their own money to see through the renovation costs. Ultimately, the finished house is sold at a much higher price and that way they break even and the family makes a profit too. 

In tonight's episode of 'Unsellable Houses,' Leslie and Lyndsay get into a cute fight over how to paint a wall right. The top-selling agents envisioned an ombre wall. It was quite the challenge because they had never done this and were clearly finding it tough to get the shades right. And to add to their misery were stray paint drops that covered the floor. 


"Are we going to pull this off? I have zero confidence we will pull this off," Leslie shared, while Lyndsay painted on Leslie's shirt using the paint roller that they used to do up the wall. The two then got into a fight of sorts, in which Leslie got the upper hand and painted Lyndsay's shirt as well. 

The sisters want to help people and that too while having fun at work - makes sense. Earlier this year, before the show went on air, they told House Beautiful that most homes don't sell because of how they are presented to the buyers. Right from the kind of pictures that are shared in the listing to how the home is staged, all of these factors determine a good sale. 


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