Steve Irwin's widow Terri shares his never-seen-before photo to mark son Robert's 16th birthday

Terri Irwin shared an unseen picture of late Steve Irwin cuddling baby Robert, who turned 16 over the weekend.

                            Steve Irwin's widow Terri shares his never-seen-before photo to mark son Robert's 16th birthday
Beau Bridges, Terri Erwin, Robert Erwin, Bindi Erwin and Wendy Bridges (Source : Getty Images)

The son of late crocodile hunter Steve Irwin, Robert Irwin, was seen celebrating his 16th birthday over the weekend while at the Australia Zoo.

Robert's proud mother 55-year-old Terri Irwin shared a very special tribute for her son. She took to Twitter to share a never-seen-before picture of her late husband Steve Irwin holding onto Robert when he was a baby. She captioned the image, "Your dad would be so proud of you. He has loved you since the moment you were born".

Terri Irwin had a special birthday tribute message for her son, Robert who turned 16 over the weekend (Getty Images)

Robert was only two years old when Steve had passed away at 44. The emotional picture showed Steve cradling Robert as he stared down lovingly at him. Robert also re-shared the image on his social media and wrote, "Thank you Mum. This means so much to me!"

Robert, 16, was seen welcoming a whole host of fans who had visited the zoo to mark his milestone birthday. The celebrations also saw Robert and Terri feeding crocodiles. Robert also received a large rhinoceros cake, which was wheeled into the Crocoseum with candles, which read 16.

Fans and followers sang and wished him a happy birthday. The birthday boy was seen dressed in khaki and was also gifted a huge rhinoceros statue by the Australia zoo. He was seen beaming as he climbed over the statue and posed along with the family's dog, Stella. 

Bride-to-be, Robert's older sister Bindi Irwin, 21, was not present at the celebrations as she was spending Thanksgiving with her fiance Chandler Powell's family in the US. Bindi took to social media to share a birthday tribute for her brother and wrote, "Happy 16th Birthday to the cutest ducky I’ve ever known! Robert, one of the best parts of my life is getting to be your sister. Thank you for being such a wonderful light in my life. You’re amazing and I love you!"

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