'Unpolished': How did Big Mike Martone die? Wife Jennifer regrets not letting daughters meet him due to Covid-19

Sisters Bri and Lexi, along with their mother Jennifer, talk about the tragic death of the family patriarch, Big Mike Martone

                            'Unpolished': How did Big Mike Martone die? Wife Jennifer regrets not letting daughters meet him due to Covid-19
Big Mike Martone (TLC)

Fans of TLC's 'Unpolished' received some heartbreaking news from the show's star, Bri Martone back in May 2020 when she took to Instagram to announce that her father Big Mike Martone had passed away. Now, during the Season 2 premiere of the show, the family opens up about their loss and how they wished that they had more time. 

"So this has been a really tough year for our family," said Big Mike's wife Jennifer Martone, who is regularly featured on the show, seeing that she often handles the management aspect of the salon. "The COVID-19 pandemic shut the salon down, shut Big Mike's business down and the worst of everything is Big Mike just got really so sick. It was really a horrible time." Initially, the family thought that it had something to do with his heart, seeing that it was an extremely stressful situation. 


"A few months ago, Big Mike started not to feel well," she went on to add. "Wasn't really sure what was going on with him — we thought it was his heart, we didn't really know. So he went to the heart doctor and they did some blood work and immediately put him into the hospital. They did a couple of tests and they came back with the results that it was cancer." It's here that Jennifer reveals that Big Mike had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. "We started treatments but I don't think Mike knew how sick he really was. The cancer took a toll on him."


The Martone sisters went on to talk about how they wish they could've spent more time with their father, seeing that their mother didn't allow it, on account of the Covid-19 situation.  "Had I known that Mike was gonna die, I would have made that happen more," Jennifer said, addressing the situation. "I would have made you girls see your father more. Meanwhile, I was keeping them from him because I didn't want him to get sick from them, or have them get sick from him, but who knew?"

Big Mike passed away on May 9, just two months shy from Bri's wedding, in August. On May 10, the reality star took to social media to announce the same in a heartfelt post.


She wrote: "RIP to the man I looked at as my Superman! Daddy , to everyone you were BIG MIKE but to me you were my dad, my hero, my problem solver, my provider , my protector, and the most loving , sweetest , most giving man out there and I can’t even believe that your gone! It doesn’t even feel real that Your not with us anymore! There’s nothing I wanted more then for you to be by my side on my wedding day to walk me down the aisle and give me away! I know that if you could you would have done everything in your power to hold on and push through to be there but I know you couldn’t! Daddy, you will be so missed by so many people! Everyone who knew you say what an amazing man you were and how you had a heart of gold! Thank you for everything that you did for us and for your grandchildren, who will miss you so much! I know how much you loved us and we loved you! I will forever be daddy’s little girl and that will never change! I love you so much daddy , I don’t think you understand how much I miss you right now and how I wish I can just hug you! Rest In Peace daddy , you will forever be in my heart and I know you will watch over all of us and be our protector just like you were when you were with us! I couldn’t of asked for a better guardian angel to watch over us! I am truly blessed that you were the first man to truly love me!! I love you daddy rest easy! 💕💕 #daddylittlegirl#myperfectguardianangel #may9th#daddydaughterweddingdance#firstman 💕💕

Big Mike and his larger than life personality will be missed on the show. Season 2 of 'Unpolished' will feature Bri's wedding, alongside drama and how the family tries to cope with their current situation.

Catch season 2 of 'Unpolished' every Tuesdays at 10 pm ET on TLC. 

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