'Unpolished' Season 1 preview: Lexi Marton undergoes reconstructive surgery for her weight loss

Lexi Marton has always been conscious about her weight after shedding a lot of it the reality star is finally going for reconstructive surgery.

                            'Unpolished' Season 1 preview: Lexi Marton undergoes reconstructive surgery for her weight loss

In the upcoming episode of 'Unpolished', Lexi Marton is all set to start a new chapter in her life as the reality star decides to get a reconstructive surgery done. Lexi had always been conscious of her weight until she decided to take matters in her hands. The reality star started working out and following a strict diet which helped her shed a lot of weight. 

Lexi later opened up on the show about how losing weight gave her the confidence that she had been looking for. However, there is one step remaining to her ultimate goal and that is for her to get the reconstructive surgery. 

After careful consideration, Lexi finally decided to undergo the surgery and it happened to land in a good time as she also found out that she was selected to be the featured nail artist for the launch of a new nail polish. 

While talking to the camera, Lexi revealed that she often found herself in a stressful situation whenever she had to make an appearance in an event. She confessed that she felt like everyone was judging her for her weight. However, things changed for her after the weight loss. She remarked that she felt good to stand in front of the people and attend the event. 

Event hough Lexi had decided to undergo the surgery her family was worried about the procedure. Lexi's mother and father were concerned for her as they worried about the possibility of having a complication during the surgery. 

Interestingly, Lexi and her sister, Bria, have not been on good terms ever since Matt came into the picture. Bria and Matt had been dating for nearly eight years but had been in an on and off relationship. Lexi thinks Matt isn't the perfect guy for Bria and the pair ended up having disagreements on the same. 

While Bria stood by Lexi's side as her surgery date neared, Lexi confessed that she wasn't feeling good. She revealed that she felt anxious and wanted things to be fine between the two. Will the two clear things out before the surgery?

'Unpolished' airs on Sundays at 10 pm on TLC.