'Unpolished' Season 2: Is Bria Martone behaving like an entitled brat for wanting a wedding amid Covid-19?

Bria Martone's insistence on getting married despite the family's financial situation and pandemic earned the wrath of fans

                            'Unpolished' Season 2: Is Bria Martone behaving like an entitled brat for wanting a wedding amid Covid-19?
Bria Martone in 'Unpolished' (TLC)

Season 2 of 'Unpolished' opened with a bang. Several things have gone down since we last saw our favorite Martone family members. Within the first few minutes of the season's premiere, we not only learned about the Martone patriarch Big Mike's death, but also how Salon Martone had to be shut due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It would be a gross understatement to say that the family has been put through a ringer since Season 1 ended.

But amidst all the chaos, Bria Martone is still determined to marry her on-off boyfriend Matt Mancuso. After the Martones found out about Bria and Matt's plan of eloping and getting married, they intervened and decided to do it the right way. Big Mike stepped in and took the matters into his hand, and sat with Bria to give her the wedding of her dreams to Matt. Since family and especially his kids have always been Big Mike's priority, he was willing to spare no expense to ensure that Bria's big day would be nothing short of a page from a fairytale.

Matt Mancuso (TLC)

Unfortunately, since Big Mike's sudden demise, and with the pandemic taking over the world, the Martone family's fortune took a hit. Although Jennifer Martone (Bria's mother) tried her best to take stock of the finances, and figure out how to still give Bria her dream wedding, she fell flat when she realized that Bria's wedding might cost them well over $100K. When Jennifer discussed it with her parents, they encouraged her to downsize and have a talk with Bria to explain the financial things to her.

Lexi and Jennifer Martone (TLC)

So, Jennifer called in Bria and Lexi Martone to have a word with them about their new financial situation, while also trying to sneak in Bria's wedding into the discussion. Jennifer makes it clear to the girls that she might not be able to maintain the same lifestyle they have been used to growing up since she doesn't have the money. She then brings up Bria's wedding and points out how Big Mike and she had been planning for weeks, but she might not be able to deliver everything they had planned.

Bria immediately cuts her mother and declares that she wants to retain the original plan that Big Mike and she had for the wedding ceremony, while the other things can be tweaked to suit their current circumstances. Lexi subtly suggests that Bria should consider pushing her wedding to a future date so that she can getting the wedding of her dreams, while they won't have to worry about paying mortgages and keeping their business afloat. Although Lexi was giving a practical suggestion, Bria takes offense to it and lashes out at Lexi. She declares that she will have her wedding come what may, and isn't going to settle for anything else. When Lexi tries pointing out that she was only watching out fur their future, Bria once again snaps by pointing that her future is Matt, and marriage to him.

Bria Martone (TLC)

The two sisters continue to fight while their mother kept getting stressed. Jennifer eventually pulled the girls aside and said she would try to figure out things. When fans saw how Bria was adamant about having her wedding despite the family's sad circumstances, they began slamming her. A fan tweeted, "Bria is a spoiled brat #Unpolished." Another fan wrote, "Bria sounds like a 16 year old throwing a tantrum over her sweet 16 bday party  #unpolished." "Bria is beyond selfish ...if it was me Oh you getting your wedding but youre gonna pay for it!! #Unpolished," commented another fan.




Fans took Lexi's side and pointed out why Bria should consider postponing her wedding. "Team Lexi all the way. A wedding in the middle of a pandemic, and unsure how to pay for it, is not a priority. #Unpolished," shared a fan. Another fan expressed, "Sweet Moses... Bria, why should you think about postponing? 1. There's a pandemic, 2. You don't have steady income, 3. Your father just passed away and none of you are in a good place, 4. It's not going to work anyway, 5. There's a pandemic. #Unpolished." A fan suggested, "Pay for your own damn wedding. That episode was hella annoying to watch. Especially with a grieving widow that has no idea financially where she’s at and is clearly overwhelmed. Bria came off like such a selfish b*tch. #Unpolished." 




'Unpolished' Season 2 airs every Tuesday at 10/9c on TLC.

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