White woman at Virginia IHOP calls 4 Black soldiers 'N-word' twice while harassing them in viral video

The woman reportedly said, 'Y’all are some lying, c***s***king, [N-word]s who don't know what the f*** they’re talking about'

                            White woman at Virginia IHOP calls 4 Black soldiers 'N-word' twice while harassing them in viral video
An unidentified woman harasses Black soldiers at an IHOP restaurant in viral video (TikTok/ musiqcitizen)

FORT BELVOIR, VIRGINIA: It was supposed to be just a regular lunch for four Black soldiers from Fort Belvoir, Virginia when a White woman completely ruined their plans. The unidentified woman harassed the four Black soldiers on the afternoon of April 19, 2021, at a Virginia IHOP and called them the N-word twice. In a video uploaded on TikTok by one of the soldiers, Joe Jeffers Jr, the encounter quickly went downhill. 

Initially, the unidentified woman offered to help pay for the group’s meal at the restaurant, soldier Joe Jeffers Jr said in a Facebook video. Shortly afterwards, she returned to take the money back and then began harassing not only them but also staff members and even some other guests at the restaurant.


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The woman can be seen harassing and calling the soldiers names and the N-word (TikTok user/ musiqcitizen)

What happened that day?

She reportedly placed $30 on their table, but returned after some time to take back $24, to leave just $6. After a disagreement over how much money the woman left behind, Jeffers quoted her as saying, "Y’all are some lying, c***s***king, [N-word]s who don't know what the f*** they’re talking about."


##AllLivesMatter ##SayNoToRacism ##BLM

♬ original sound - Joé Jeffers Jr.


She then followed that with, "I hate [N-word]s in this town," according to Jeffers. It was at this point that Jeffers and another soldier began filming the interaction, which was later uploaded on the video-sharing platform. The other three soldiers have not been identified by local reports. However, Jeffers, who shared multiple videos on his TikTok page, also went live on his Facebook detailing the situation. 

"You guys are a bunch of s***bags," she can be seen telling the group in one video.

The unidentified woman blocked the exit for one of the soldiers (TikTok/ musiqcitizen)

When Jeffers asked the woman to leave, she blocked his exit from the booth by sitting right next to him refusing to budge. He then had to climb behind her to leave.

Some mere minutes later, a white man, who identified himself as a veteran, can be seen in the video confronting the woman. But even he is disregarded by her. In a 'part 2' video of the incident uploaded by Jeffers, the woman can be seen telling the man that she is ready to fight him but won't back down.


Air Force Vet steps in to defends us from Racist White Woman ‼️‼️##SoldierLivesMatter ##SayNoToRacism

♬ original sound - Joé Jeffers Jr.


"Fine m**********r, I will f***ing drop you," she said to a man who is clearly double her size. "You wanna go? You wanna go?" she tells him after slamming her bag on the table and seemingly instigating him. "Are you the thin blue line, are you BLM, are you antifa?" the woman yelled as they gathered their leftovers.

At that particular moment, the four soldiers got their meals and walked away.


Part 3 !!! Stop harassing US Soldiers !! ##SoldierLivesMatter

♬ original sound - Joé Jeffers Jr.


According to the Army Times, they reported the incident to their chain of command. Joe Richard, director of public affairs for Fort Belvoir, reportedly said in a statement, "She offered to pay for their meal, which is not uncommon when people meet military personnel, it’s a gesture as a way to thank them for their service. She placed $30 on their table."

In a follow-up TikTok, Jeffers forgave the woman. "We were just four soldiers who said, 'Man, let’s go to IHOP, we want some lunch,'" he said in a second Facebook video. "And then we dealt with that."


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