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'Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation' Season 2 Episode 3: Will nukes be useless against aliens?

Essentially, the concrete evidence suggests the UFOs were actually attempting to study the world's ultimate weapons of defence and mass destruction

Spoilers for 'Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation' Season 2 Episode 3 'UFOs vs Nukes'

'Unidentified' explored the recorded presence of UFOs in combat, active war zones and also shed light on the black triangle spaceships mystery. Now it enters into a territory that when spoken about gives the chills. Nuclear warfare has been a topic that is considered sincerely interesting and controversial at the same time. It's even scarier to imagine the sightings of these UFOs and connect them to the nuclear weaponry the world has developed over the years.

'UFOs vs Nukes' sees Luis Elizondo talk to servicemen about the sightings of these extraterrestrial ships around Air Force bases that have nuclear missiles stored up in their pads. Daniel Gibson, a retired Air force major, recounted his first witnessing during the fall of 1995 at the Malstrom Air Force Base in Montana that had ICBM missiles. It was part of a string of bases that witnessed these encounters. Gibson describes what he saw as a bright object that plunged into the Aurora that is a common occurrence around the parts.

The object just got brighter inside the Aurora and then shot right up. Gibson compares it to the speed of the International Space Station (ISS). For Elizondo, this meant the UFO ticked three of his variables— Instantaneous acceleration, Hypersonic velocity, and Transmedium travel. The object could make 90 degree turns at an incredible pace and that was as baffling as it could get. However, Gibson wasn't the only one. There were several sightings of these objects that were observed during the Cold War.

Even startling was how the nuclear weapon systems were shutdown offline at the time of the recorded sightings. Another Army veteran, David Marceau sighted a huge aircraft at where he was stationed in CGB Gagetown. He described it as an oblong craft with rounded corners and the dimensions were more than an acre. This was followed by a witness who spoke of sighting one at the Warren Airforce base. Several missiles went offline and lights went out when he was on patrol.

The object, he described was shaped like a saucer at the top and bottom made a similar 90-degree turn, stopped overhead the patrol car for a good two to three minutes. Jeremy McGowan, another veteran relived his time of sighting the object on his night-vision goggles as it hovered over a wooden crate. While the content inside was kept secret, McGowan firmly believed it was a secret nuclear weapon of sorts that would have attracted the UFO. 

Harry Reid, former Nevada senator, and Elizondo's mento hoped the military and State Department would be interested in it. A possible link, he said makes it even critical. "This is not devils or goblins, but science," he opined. Essentially, the concrete evidence suggests the UFOs were actually attempting to study the world's ultimate weapons of defence and mass destruction. Considering the fact the weapons went offline, it is clear we aren't prepared for an advanced technology these UFOs possess.

The question that needs answering is, "Are UFOs capable of negating a nuclear attack?"

'Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation' Season 2 airs Saturdays 10 pm ET on History.