‘Unexpected’: Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about TLC’s teen pregnancy show

Nearly one in four girls will get pregnant by the age of 20, and children of teen moms are more likely to become teen parents themselves

                            ‘Unexpected’: Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about TLC’s teen pregnancy show
'Unexpected' (TLC)

The fourth season of  TLC’s ‘Unexpected’ is all set to release with an eye-opening look at teenage pregnancy and parenthood. The new episodes explore the life-altering journeys that teens and their families embark upon as they prepare for a baby, from the struggle to raise multiple generations under one roof to the inevitable tensions that arise when family members disagree on parenting decisions. For Season 4, TLC is partnering with Power to Decide, a campaign to prevent unplanned pregnancy, to help viewers use 'Unexpected’ as a way to spark meaningful conversations about unplanned pregnancies.

There have been historic declines in teen pregnancy and meaningful declines in unplanned pregnancy over the past two decades, according to Power to Decide. However, progress doesn't mean victory: large disparities still exist for the youth of color, and for those living in poverty and rural areas. In fact, nearly one in four girls will get pregnant by age 20, and children of teen moms are more likely to become teen parents themselves. 

Release date

‘Unexpected’ is all set to release on Sunday, December 20 at 10 pm ET/PT. Viewers can meet the young expectant moms and their families before ‘Unexpected’ premieres in the digital mid-form series ‘Baby Bumps’, which premieres on TLC Go on December 13.


In the season premiere, Myrka is trying to fix her relationship with her mother who kicked her out of the house upon learning about the pregnancy, forcing Myrka to move in with Ethan and his family. 

Reanna recently decided to move over an hour away from Taron following their breakup so she could live with her mom. The former couple is no longer on speaking terms, and Reanna’s mother is adamant that they need to restore civility for the sake of their child whose arrival is coming soon. 

Jenna’s pregnancy led her to drop out of her strict Catholic high school and enroll in an online school. She and Aden met in sixth grade and now await the birth of their baby, supported by Jenna’s dad, who finds it hard to say “no” to Jenna whenever she asks for something, including a car for her birthday. 

Tyra has recently enrolled in college, and if she graduates, she’ll be the first of five generations of teen moms in her family to do so. With the school located several hours away from Alex and their daughter, it’s causing a strain on their relationship. 

Later in the season, viewers will be reintroduced to Lily, who is pregnant with her second child, and meet her boyfriend Lawrence, who is hoping to take their relationship to the next level. 


Returning this season are Tyra Boisseau (17) and Alex Wilson (18), who are balancing baby duties, college classes and a long-distance relationship, and season one mom Lily Bennett (19) who is pregnant with her second child, but her first with boyfriend Lawrence (19). 

Fans will also be introduced to three new couples: Jenna (16) & Aden (17), Myrka (15) & Ethan (16), and Reanna (15) & Taron (16).



In the trailer of the show, we see Reanna accusing boyfriend Taron of sleeping around with other women. Next, we see Myrka getting into a brawl with her mom and getting herself “kicked out” of her mom’s home. She stays with her boyfriend Ethan and his family. We see Lily Bennet from the first season is pregnant again. Being an experienced mom by now she is seen preparing Lawrence for what is coming and he seemed very overwhelmed by everything. Then, we have Jenne and Aden, who are pregnant and Aden probably doesn’t understand what a big responsibility it is. The trailer goes on to show how they struggle with school and relationships and pregnancy, all at once.

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