‘Unexpected’: Reanna Cline wants mom Jessica in the labor room and not ex Taron, fans say 'it's the best choice'

‘Unexpected’: Reanna Cline wants mom Jessica in the labor room and not ex Taron, fans say 'it's the best choice'
Reanna Cline and Taron (Unexpected/TLC)

The youngest member on TLC's ‘Unexpected’ Season 4, Reanna Cline (15), got pregnant by her 17-year-old ex-boyfriend Taron Ward. Reanna's mom, Jessica, was also a teen mother, is now going to be a grandmother at age 33. After cheating on his pregnant girlfriend, Taron expressed concern during the preview of the January 10 episode over having to potentially seek custody in court for his child. 

After elongated stomach cramps, Reanna and Jessica found out she was going into early labor (right about three months early). Reanna has had anoplasty done when she was little. It is a surgery that involves closing any small tube-like openings (fistulas), creating an anal opening and putting the rectal pouch into the anal opening. Due to this complication, she is unable to deliver normally and has to get a C-section. 



The doctor gave her the option of having one person in the room while she was delivering the baby. Given the fact that her relationship with Taron has gone sour after he cheated on her, she wanted her mother to be in the room. Taron, who also rushed to the hospital, felt it was his right to be in the delivery room since he was the dad. Strangely enough, Jessica was insistent on having Taron in the delivery room instead of being there for her daughter. Jessica has been insistent on the fact that Reanna needed to have a good relationship with Taron in order to raise the baby properly but she herself doesn’t share a good relationship with Reanna’s dad. When Reanna was in extreme pain in the hospital, Jessica suggested she should call her dad and Taron and inform them of her condition.

On their way back in the car, Jessica was persistent on making things right with Taron not once asking her daughter how she was feeling. Reanna has been quiet throughout except for one-word responses every now and then. She doesn’t really speak much during confession rounds nor when she is with Taron making it impossible for the viewers to understand what she was going through. Reanna might be a little torn for the lack of support from her mother and the viewers see it too. 

“Let's not forget, she is only 15. She's still a baby herself. I get she is going to be a mom, but at the end of the day she is still only 15 and has many years to grow (hence the attitude). It's understandable she would want her mom there. She's scared and needs her mom to comfort her,” wrote a viewer. Another said, “I was 26 with my first baby and only wanted my mom not my husband. She had been through 2 births and knew what I was going through. Plus she is so much more patient and nurturing.”


Reanna Cline (TLC)

Another felt they should focus more on the baby’s health and wrote, “Her mom is the best choice medically no matter what any of them say. Especially since there could be complications from prior surgeries. All of them should only be hoping for a healthy delivery for mom and baby....not all this attitude.”

While others felt Taron shouldn't be robbed of the experience of watching his firstborn baby come to the world, “You only get to see your first born child being born, once. She should not take that from him. It's his kid too. He seems like he'd be happy just to stand in the corner. Heck, I think he'd even offer support to her during delivery, but she's too busy treating him like a leper.” 

At this point, we don’t know if Reanna is just trying to teach him a lesson or if she is thinking about the baby’s future and consciously trying to keep Taron away from it given the fact that he is not at all willing to be a full-time father as he has mentioned before. He has plans to get a scholarship in sports and go forward with a career in sports. We are also unsure about why Jessica so badly wants Taron to be around and support him at all cost.

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