'Undercover' Season 3: Will we see Bob as the target and Lisa chasing him? A reversal would keep show fresh

'Undercover' Season 3: Will we see Bob as the target and Lisa chasing him? A reversal would keep show fresh
Sanne-Samina Hanssen and Tom Waes (Netflix)

Spoilers for ‘Undercover’ Season 2

The Belgian-Dutch Netflix crime drama series, ‘Undercover’, is a fairly ordinary show. The series hinges on formulas, tropes, and an unnecessary amount of twists and turns to make a story work that could have been accomplished by just reducing the number of episodes by at least three or four. But it is also not a bad series, especially because it is a cut above mediocre and that is a bar many Netflix shows (off late) have not been able to meet. So, should ‘Undercover’ have a season 3? 

Well, as of yet, there has been no announcement regarding the future of the show. But we can speculate if there can be and what it might entail should there be one. At the very end of season 2, we saw the story tied up pretty neatly. Bob (Tom Waes) managed to survive a bullet wound from Jean-Pierre Berger (Sebastien Dewaele), who was arrested by the police, but not before he had killed his brother Laurent (Wim Willaert).

And with the Berger brothers safely out of the way, Nathalie Geudens (Ruth Becquart) was now free to live her life with her son Jackson, without the Bergers’ shadow looming over her head. We find out that she and Jackson were given witness protection and were moved to a different city under a new identity. They also sent a message for Bob to come to see them once he had recovered. Now, we know that Bob had developed a kind of romantic relationship with her. But is he a man who can live without his job and go back to a normal life with the two? That seems questionable at best.

We saw in the finale Bob’s colleague telling him that his career may be in jeopardy. Despite the fact that the hiccups with Ferry Bouman (Frank Lammers) were all solved, for now, public prosecutors would be combing through his files to see any possible wrongdoing in his past, and knowing Bob, something might just pop up. 

But as we saw this season, despite being in prison, Bouman is a worthy adversary and one who might still make things difficult for Bob. So, it is possible that Bob might still have to ward him off in the coming seasons (if any). At the same time, there is one loose end. The arms dealer called Victor Bilzarian (Alexej Manvelov), who Bob had kidnapped to use as bait, managed to escape. And he too is a powerful man, who could make life troublesome for Bob in the future. 

But there is another possibility altogether, that one can hope would be put into action in the third season of the show. Earlier in this season, we were introduced to another undercover agent called Lisa (Sanne-Samina Hanssen), who got double-crossed by Bob to maintain the safety of the mission. But she was introduced as a strong character whose role disappeared somewhere along the story. She definitely has the potential for a better arc and this is where a crazy proposition for season 3 comes into play. 

Bob might have to turn into a fugitive and make a run (maybe along with Nathalie and her son). And we might just get to see a new version of this cat-and-mouse game but this time with Bob as the target and not as the mole. In all fairness, the show, if it has to happen, can take any direction. But one with the stakes reversed would be a great way to keep the show fresh. And it will certainly make things a lot more interesting than repeating the same shtick over and over again.

‘Undercover’ Season 2 is available on Netflix.

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