'Undercover Boss': How Smoothie King employee Jessica inspired CEO Wan Kim to work on product promotions

Store manager Jessica's unique strategy of drawing in new customers to the store left Smoothie King CEO Wan Kim highly impressed

                            'Undercover Boss': How Smoothie King employee Jessica inspired CEO Wan Kim to work on product promotions
Jessica and Wan Kim (CBS)

For Smoothie King employee, Jessica, she considers her workplace as her second home and doesn't mind going the extra mile to ensure the success of the business. Jessica, who is a store manager of one of the popular smoothie bar's outlets, reaches her workplace every morning by 6 am, and begins making huge batches of smoothies, which during the course of the day, she goes around handing them out as free samples, in the hopes of drawing in new customers. 

Smoothie King's CEO Wan Kim was curious to see how Jessa managed to promote the smoothies so successfully, so he went down to her outlet in disguise. He posed as someone interesting in opening their own Smoothie King franchise and wanted to learn the tricks of the trade before getting into it. Jessica was more than happy to show him around. She taught him how to make the smoothies and then took him along to a nearby local event, where she began handing out the free samples while telling the people about the Smoothie King. 

When Wan Kim asked her why she went through so much hassle and questioned if her strategy even worked, she then explained to him that it definitely worked because many customers who walked into the story did mention how they tried the beverage for the first time at some event and were hooked to it ever since. She also told him about her love for her job. Before you assume that Jessica has nothing else going on for her aside from the job, then you might want to take back that assumption. 

Jessica is not only a full-time employee at Smoothie King but is also a full-time student who is pursuing a degree in business administration. She is also a new mother. Wan couldn't believe the number of hats that Jessica donned and how she seemed to pull them all off so effortlessly. She kept circling back to her strong affinity towards her job for giving her the drive and motivation to push herself harder. 

Wan was not only impressed by Jessica's impeccable work ethics but also her performance. He soon realized that her strategy of handing out free samples was working exceptionally well. In his green room interview, Wan candidly admitted that he was looking into executing Jessica's strategy across all the Smoothie King franchises and outlets.

Aside from showering Jessica with praises for her tremendous dedication and hard work towards her job, he also gave her $30,000 for her to have her dream wedding with her baby daddy. Jessica was filled with gratitude and was left speechless by her boss' generosity.

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