'Undercover Boss' Season 11: Ray Blanchette's bad hair, makeup amuse fans who call his wig 'dead rodent'

Fans urged the showrunners to use the production budget to hire better stylists and makeup artists on the show

                            'Undercover Boss' Season 11: Ray Blanchette's bad hair, makeup amuse fans who call his wig 'dead rodent'
Ray Blanchette (CBS)

For a business to run successfully, there are several factors that come into play, ranging from effective training and communication to understand your employees' needs. But often the people sitting at the top might not be able to know what exactly is happening at the trenches or the problems that are hampering an employee from performing their best at the job. But thanks to CBS' hit show 'Undercover Boss', we see top-level executives and business owners doing exactly that.

Employees might not be entirely comfortable discussing all the issues they are facing directly with the top brass, so on 'Undercover Boss', as the name suggests, the top executives transform themselves into entry-level employees to interact and bond with their staff and get all the information first hand. The premiere episode of Season 11 'Undercover Boss' featured Ray Blanchette, the CEO of TGI Fridays, a popular bar and fast-food chain.

TGI Fridays was wildly popular initially, but of late it has fallen on hard times, as the customers are increasingly ordering in food, rather than dining at the restaurant or a bar. So, the management made several changes to the business in an attempt to bring in more customers. Ray wanted to visit a few outlets and see how employees were handling these new changes, while also observing how they are performing their job and understand their concerns.

Before Ray could meet his employees, he had to transform himself into an entry-level worker named Keith. Ray assigns a backstory to Keith, saying he ran an inn for over 40 years and recently sold it. Keith looked nothing like the impeccably groomed Ray. As part of his transformation, Ray's face was covered in makeup and his hairstyle was changed with the help of a wig so that the CEO wouldn't be recognizable by the staff. While the transformation did make Ray look unrecognizable, fans were far from impressed with it.

Several fans took to Twitter slamming the bad hair and makeup on the show, A fan tweeted, "Can you all PLEASE hire some decent hair/make-up people!? I have never seen realistic looking Wilson these bosses. Most women out here can do a better lacefront." Another fan wrote, "@TGIFridays @undercover_cbs Great episode! It's nice to see a company take care of their people. Oh and I love how they give people a second chance at employment. Now y'all gotta do a better job w/makeup. Those wigs are atrocious! #UndercoverBoss."



Another fan expressed, "Dear #UndercoverBoss please hire better stylist. You look ridiculous." "With their budget, why does #UndercoverBoss put such ugly cheap wigs on their bosses going under cover? Seriously! Their wigs are worse than the mess on Trump’s head!" commented a fan. Another fan shared, "With the huge production budget for #UndercoverBoss can't they get better hairpieces? The TGIFridays guy looks like he has a dead rodent on his head.."




'Undercover Boss' Season 11 airs every Friday at 9/8c only on CBS.

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