'Undercover Boss': Fans call Colie an 'angel' for generously rewarding her hardworking employees

'Undercover Boss': Fans call Colie an 'angel' for generously rewarding her hardworking employees
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By the end of an episode of 'Undercover Boss', fans are left bawling their eyes out after watching how the hardworking yet often unrecognized employees finally get rewarded for all the efforts and sacrifices they made to excel at their jobs. The latest episode of 'Undercover Boss' was no different. Bowlero Corp's chief customer officer- Colie Edwin went in with the goal of further enhancing the revenue for the company and understanding how she can better enhance the experience for the customers, but by the end of her undercover mission, she came to an altogether different realization. 

In order to get the employees' and customers' unfiltered perspectives, Colie transforms herself into a persona name Micelle, who was a former courtroom reporter. She immediately hits it off with the employees and understands their day-to-day tasks at the workplace. At the first bowling alley she stopped by, she met the manager of the alley names Dennis, who didn't hesitate even for a moment to roll up his sleeves and take up whatever needs to be done to ensure that the alley was functioning smoothly. From throwing out the trash to preparing customers' orders, Dennis did everything by himself. His work ethic and dedication to his job impressed Colie thoroughly. 

Later Dennis invited her over to his place for dinner. She met his father and learned that Dennis supported him and looked after him. He then shares with her about his dream of reaching the top level at the company, and also of owning a house, where he can give his father his own separate room. When Colie listens to all this, she was moved by Dennis's drive and ambition. Later, she met a 69-year-old Ron, who worked with the machines at an alley. Despite his age, Ron went above and beyond to ensure that all the machines were working properly. When Colie later learned that Ron had a hearing problem, but couldn't buy a hearing aid due to his financial condition, she felt sad for him.

Finally, Colie met a young single mother named Hannah. She worked part-time at the alley, and despite trying to get a full-time position she couldn't get it at the alley. She lived in a shelter with her 3-year-old daughter, which was very far from her workplace. Despite the distance, Hannah was more than happy to endure the long commute because she loved her job at the alley. Colie broke down on hearing Hannah's moving story.

Finally, when Colie revealed her identity to the employees, she rewarded each of them for their hard work and dedication. She gave Dennis a promotion and offered to pay $50k for his new house's downpayment. She got Ron an electronic hearing aid and set up a retirement fund for him so that he could retire peacefully whenever he chose to. For Hannah, Colie gave her money for a new car and to rent an apartment. She also assured her that she would personally look into the matter of making her a fulltime employee. Fans were touched by Colie's thoughtful actions and praised her for it. 

A fan tweeted, "@ColieEdison you are an inspiration from #RealWorld to a great example of a strong female executive. Yes, I watched you on #RealWorldDenver. So impressive! #UndercoverBoss." Another fan wrote, "That was nice she bought him new hearing aids and very nice to give the homeless girl money for a car and house the boss is an angel #UndercoverBoss." "@ColieEdison Watching Undercover Boss. You are amazing. Wish I worked for you in the Bowlero World. (I have been retired for 11 years.) All CEOs should do what you did on the show. Shows how much you care," shared a fan.




'Undercover Boss' Season 11 airs every Friday at 9/8c only on CBS. 

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