'Undercover Boss': Colie surprises Natasha by creating a new position for her at the bowling alley

The latest episode featured the Chief Customer Officer of Bowlero Corp visiting her company's bowling alleys and understanding how things are working on the ground

                            'Undercover Boss': Colie surprises Natasha by creating a new position for her at the bowling alley
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One of the major factors that contribute to a company's success is the employee's performance and satisfaction with their work. Often times the companies are so focussed on generating revenue and raking in profits that this key fact is overlooked. On 'Undercover Boss', the top-level executives get a much closer look at the ground-realities of their business's operations and employees working for them. These observations help them make decisions that will further enhance their business and employee performance.

The latest episode of 'Undercover Boss' featured Chief Customer Officer of Bowlero Corp, Colie Edison, visiting her company's bowling alleys and understanding how things are working on the ground. While most of the employees that she crossed paths with while disguised as Michelle, were extremely passionate about their job and loved working for the company, she did encounter an employee who seemed to not share the same enthusiasm about certain things.

In one of the alleys, she meets up with an employee named Natasha, who organizes and oversees the events organized in the bowling alley. When Natasha met Michelle (Colie), she began explaining her work. Just then they received a call from a potential customer looking to book the venue for an event. Colie wanted to see how Natasha handled it, so she passed on the call to her. As per the protocol, Natasha is supposed to transfer the call to another department who will check the calendar and allot the slot and book the venue. But instead, Natasha simply asks the group to come over to the alley during her shift timing, and that she would take care of it. 

Colie was unimpressed with Natasha flouting the protocol. She was further upset when she realized that the party props and decorations weren't arranged properly, and Natasha didn't follow the handbook which detailed out everything about how to set up the venue for the event. The final straw was when Natasha explicitly expressed to Colie her displeasure over the corporate adding the gaming arcade inside the alley. Colie felt that Natasha needed to understand and agree about the importance of the gaming arcade as it was bringing in revenue for them. So, Colie left the alley wondering about whether Natasha was the right fit for the Bowlero or not.

When it was time for the final reveal, where Colie revealed her identity to the employees and shared her observations and feedback, she didn't hold back when it came to Natasha. Colie expressed how she was unhappy with Natasha.s performance and her total disregard for the protocols in place. Colie then went ahead and fired Natasha from her position. While a very shocked Natasha was still reeling under the shock of being fired, Colie surprises her by declaring that after watching her passion for bowling, she decided to create a new position for her. She then explains how Natasha will be the new bowling league coordinator, and do the marketing for bringing in more bowling leagues into the alley. When Natasha heard it, she was beyond happy. 

'Undercover Boss' Season 11 airs every Friday at 9/8c only on CBS. 

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