'Undercover Billionaire' Top 3 business tips: Ultimate mantras by Monique Idlett, Grant Cardone and Elaine Culotti

The latest episode of 'Undercover Billionaire' came with some serious business philosophies, and it's time to take notes!

                            'Undercover Billionaire' Top 3 business tips: Ultimate mantras by Monique Idlett, Grant Cardone and Elaine Culotti
Elaine Culotti, Grant Cardone, Monique Idlett (Discovery)

The second episode of 'Undercover Billionaire' looks like its raising the stakes, seeing that the clock is ticking, while Monique Idlett, Grant Cardone and Elaine Culotti are hustling hard to get their business off the ground. The episode sees all three of them gain better footing in general - there's definitely more direction when it comes to their long term plans. We also get to see what makes these three so formidable in their respective fields, the episode is full of valuable tips that can be applied to any business, to make it successful.

If you forgot to scribble down some notes and iconic quotes to put on your own dream-business vision board while watching the episode, don't worry, we did the homework for you. Here are the top 3 tips from the latest episode of 'Undercover Billionaire'.

Grant's guide to old-school marketing

Grant Cardone (Discovery)

Cardone is a sales genius, this is a fact. If anything, the most successful product he's every marketed would be himself. It's the idea of 'Grant Cardone' that he sells you on that makes him who he is. We see him do the same thing with his alias in Pueblo. Currently, Cardone has nothing to his name, yet, he's convinced local business owner Matt Smith that 'Curtis Louis' is an absolute commodity. So there's a lot of truth to his words when he explains that - "What so many call businesses don't understand is that great products alone never win. Best known always beats best. Best Known beats best product. Best known beats best service. You've got to take risks. It's your job to get in front of many customers and show them - Hey! Look! This could solve your problem!"
Cardone further simplifies it - marketing is about getting attention, even if that means going outside and holding a twirling sign, just like he did.

Monique's 5Cs of success

Monique Idlett (Discovery)

By the look of the latest episode, Idlett might just be the first one out of the three to start her business, seeing that she already has a plan in place - a health food-based business that deals with juices and immunity shots. We also saw Idlett hand out samples in this episode, which reviewed well with local food businesses. Compared to the others, it looks like she has a head start and we think it has something to do with her rather clear-cut business philosophy, one that she refers to as the 5 Cs.

She lists them out as - conscious, concerned, caring, community and contagious. She breaks down the logic behind her philosophy- "You do have to care and see how you're impacting a whole, entire community and it should be an absolutely contagious model, to be profitable that way. It truly does incorporate how I actually like to move through life as a businesswoman."

Elaine's resort to using resources smartly

Elaine Culotti (Discovery)

While Idlett is filling supplies and demand, Cardone focusing on creating a network, Culotti's idea probably seems like the most ambitious, since she's gunning at acquiring property within 90 days with no funds what so ever. But her plan seems clear enough - to use her unparalleled real estate knowledge to make her business work. Culotti, who is now eyeing the Shepherd's Inn, where she is residing, know how to work around the finer details that come with real estate, especially with older properties that are a heritage of sorts. Culotti makes it clear to the owner that she can currently offer him two things – her prowess for business, and the fact that she's tireless. They strike a deal, but with no money involved...yet. It's here that Culotti dishes out her wisdom - delay when you pay. As she puts it - "I have no money for rent on this building. When you don't have cash on hand, always negotiate to pay later."
It's this negotiation tactic that helps her seal the deal, without losing out on what could be a very lucrative opportunity.

By the looks of it, all three of them seem to be unstoppable. We can't wait to see how Idlett progresses with her idea, if Cardone can kick start his business and if Culotti and flip this building around - guess we're going to have to wait for Episode 3!

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