'Ultimate Tag': Why is Episode 7 'Higher, Better, Faster, Stronger' not airing this week?

'Ultimate Tag': Why is Episode 7 'Higher, Better, Faster, Stronger' not airing this week?

Fans of 'Ultimate Tag' will have to wait a week before they can see their favorite runners chase down a new batch of contestants as the series takes a scheduling break this week for unspecified reasons. The program will resume next week on July 8.

Even professional runners need to stop every once in a while. The series' break in schedule comes with no special announcement or reruns, but the show will continue as scheduled next week with its seventh episode, 'Higher, Better, Faster, Stronger.' A promo has been released for the next episode, which promises that the newest competitors will be the "craziest yet."

One runner, featured in the promo, refers to himself as the Beast and he's obviously gunning for a spot on the show's roster of professional taggers, all with gimmicks of their own, but they're more than just their gimmick. The Beast is going to have to show that his running skills are second to none if he's really aiming for a spot on the show, though perhaps the name is just an intimidation tactic. Time will tell how well this strategy works, or if it even works at all. 

Another contestant sees another way to get closer to the taggers through their hearts. Apparently, quite smitten with the Iron Giantess, this runner even goes so far as to propose to her after she grabs his tag and steals his heart. It's another instance of a competitor being charmed by their tagger. If the audience reaction is anything to go by, it is not a move that the fans appreciate. Maybe the middle of a sports arena isn't the best place to propose to a runner you've only just met.

Whether or not the Iron Giantess is wooed by the contestant's flirtatious ways, it's going to make no difference when it comes to the arena. Every tagger knows that the arena has just one important rule: Don't get caught. The Iron Giantess is going to be catching tags, and not feelings, when that timer goes off.  

The next episode of 'Ultimate Tag' airs on July 8 on Fox.

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