'Hero' Ukrainian soldier tells Russian troops to surrender while they can in viral clip

'Hero' Ukrainian soldier tells Russian troops to surrender while they can in viral clip
Screenshots showing the Ukrainian soldier in the viral video (Twitter/ @olgatokariuk)

A video of a cheerful Ukrainian soldier slamming Russian troops in his country has gone viral on the Internet. While the identity of the soldier is not known, his carefree smile and laugh have won the hearts of the people as he warned the enemies who have invaded his homeland on the orders of Vladimir Putin.

The video was first shared in the original language but later translated into English. The soldier says in the clip: “I'll record this in Russian to make it be f***ing clearer. Well guys, what's up? What, is the Ukrainian night quiet? As the great Ukrainian writer Gogol said? Is everything good with you kids? Do you like our Bayraktars? What do you think — what's flying above you right now? What do you think — what is rustling in the bushes, my guys? What thoughts do you have about that? What the f*** could it be? Dudes, you are f***ed!”


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He went on to say, “You've stopped for now. We're fine. We're pulling up our reserves. We have aviation and we have tanks! We've got everything! Your ass is ours, fellows! How about this... why don't you f***ing surrender while you still have that chance? Many of yours have already chosen that path, it's not that bad, really,” before adding: “It may be a mistake, but we treat prisoners of war fairly well. So you are stuck right now, and soon we'll start kicking your ass! And we'll start doing it right now! Therefore, use your last chance!”

The soldier’s video has been seen nearly 400k times while the video with subtitles has attracted more than one million views and lots of comments. A user tweeted, “The energy that lives within these brave Ukrainians is what the Romans called Sol Invictus. The indomitable solar spirit. It lives in the heart of good men who fight for what is good. It's unbreakable and unstoppable. GLORY TO UKRAINE.” The second user wrote, “First the grandmother offering sunflower seeds to the Russian soldier (so the state flower of Ukraine will sprout from where he dies on their land) to this guy. A nation of heroes.” The third one commented, “This Ukrainian soldier is amazing. He even brings up Nicolai Gogol. Putin should read ‘The Nose’.”






A person said, “This fella is so much Ukranian… funny, light hearted, not taking himself seriously but so full of pride. Tough to bend.” Another person noted, “This guy is a hero. The whole country of Ukraine is displaying such courage and determination that I will literally never forget in my lifetime. You rule.” A user praising the soldier wrote: “The ukraine soldier is amazing... Smile ☺ in the middle of war. Brave warrior #IStandWithUkraine.”





A tweet read, “Ukrainians are beginning to channel their inner Roman as someone else pointed out; Putin may have made the biggest mis-calculation in modern history with his invasion.” Another tweet added: “Holy hell this is inspiring. Great to see this. Kick some Russian ass! (Also, thank you for the humanity you've displayed to the captured Russian soldiers. You guys live and embody the principles we all claim to have/expect.).”

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