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Igor, the Ukrainian man who FOUND a $20M Russian SAM while on a stroll, gets a Wikipedia nod

Igor found a Russian Army 9K330 Tor SAM system abandoned in the forest
UPDATED MAR 12, 2022
Igor the Ukrainian with his 9K330 Tor SAM system
Igor the Ukrainian with his 9K330 Tor SAM system

It isn't every day that you go out for a walk and come back home with a military tank! A Ukrainian man can now boast of this feat as he found an abandoned Russian army tank 9K330 Tor SAM and is now the proud owner of the vehicle that launches missiles. Igor seems to have no intention of giving it back. 

Last week, a similar video from the Ukrainian city Kharkiv came out where a group of men was spotted driving a war tank. The men giggled and cheered while they enjoyed their ride on the T-80BVM battle vehicle on the snow-covered roads. Now, another photo of a man who reportedly claimed the $1,99,48,889 (£15.3 million) worth Russian tank on his morning stroll has amused social media.


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A Twitter page Oryx, which has been covering the Russia-Ukraine warfare, posted the hilarious news, saying: "This is Igor. Every morning Igor goes for a stroll through the nearby forest. Today, Igor found a Russian Army 9K330 Tor SAM system abandoned in the forest. Now Igor owns a $20 million SAM system. Congratulations Igor."


It has been two weeks since Russia announced an attack on Ukraine. Throughout, their war on Ukraine, Russia has suffered numerous humiliating setbacks and amusing incidents, including a farmer stealing one of their tanks. It may seem petty for someone to just claim rejected war weaponry but it is actually legally allowed in Ukraine after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed a law allowing the seizure of Russian property in Ukraine.

According to the Kyiv Independent, the Ukraine parliament passed a law on March 3, giving Ukraine citizens the authority to seize property belonging to the Russian or its citizens without any compensation. Last month, a farmer was caught stealing a tank from invading forces. Arslon Xudosi, a scholar, released a video of the incident on Twitter, which Ukrainian MP Lesia Vasylenko retweeted.

Vasylenko tweeted, “A bit of humor before toughest talks: farmer steals tank. Scrap metal is very valuable in #Ukraine so people are very excited about all the money they can make by getting hold of enemy weapons #LoveUkraine.”



The Tor is a low-to-medium altitude, short-range, all-weather, surface-to-air missile system developed by the Soviet Union for destroying planes, helicopters, cruise missiles, precision-guided munitions, unmanned aerial vehicles, and short-range ballistic threats.

Before it was edited, Igor was included under the 'current operators' category for the weapon on Wikipedia for Russia, Ukraine, Algeria, Greece, and other countries. The amusing acts like these are celebrated and hailed as light funny moments in Russia's horrendous invasion of Ukraine.