First time EVER in 50 years, chilling details of largest ever UFO sighting revealed by witnesses

Nearly 300 students witnessed multiple UFO sighting before landing in the nearby field but despite this, there were no reports of the incident

                            First time EVER in 50 years, chilling details of largest ever UFO sighting revealed by witnesses
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Around 50 years ago, an unidentified flying object was spotted silently flying through the sky in Melbourne, Australia. In the year 1966, over 300 students and teachers of Westall High School happened to witness the unbelievable moment when they spotted multiple UFOs before they landed in a nearby field.

Back then, there was hardly any media coverage, and so, these sightings were neither discussed nor reported; more so the witnesses were threatened to ever speak about it to anyone.

And now, after all these years, some of the witnesses have decided to open up and describe the chilling details, as reported by

Even till this day, it is believed to be the largest ever mass sighting of UFOs in Australia.

Over the years people have tried to solve the mystery of what the students of Westall High School saw on April 6, 1996. While some believe there were three saucer-like objects, others claim there was, in fact, just one. Since then people tried to reason alien existence.

While some were quite sure about the life beyond earth, others refuted claims and said it merely a glimpse of some technology trials by the government. 

Despite the claims, as reported by the New York Post, there is one audio tape which no one ever talked about or shoved aside anytime someone tried to cite it as a claim. The audiotape reportedly has voice recordings of an American physicist, known for his research into UFOs, Dr. James E. McDonald, and his interview with a science teacher from the Westall school, Andrew Greenwood, who was present in the school when the event took place. 

James recorded the details given by Andrew about the day of him witnessing the UFOs. “Greenwood told me the UFO was first brought to his attention by a hysterical child who ran into his classroom and told him there’s a flying saucer outside,” James tells in his recording. “He thought this child had become deranged or something, so he didn’t take any notice, but when the child insisted that this object was in the sky he decided to go out and have a look for himself.”

When Andrew stepped outside to look at the object himself, he realized that the children were looking at the northeast area of the school grounds and as he approached them, Andrew claims that he saw a UFO hovering close to the powerline. Andrew said that it looked like a  "round, silver object about the size of a car with a metal rod sticking up in the air." Meanwhile, James claimed that Andrew saw five planes came and surrounded the object after more people gathered around to have a look at the object. 

“He called it the most amazing flying he had ever seen in his life,” James said. “The planes were doing everything possible to approach the object, and he said how they all avoided a collision he will never know. Every time they got too close to the object it would slowly accelerate, then rapidly accelerate and then move away from them and stop. Then they would take off after it again, and the same thing would happen.”

This went on for nearly 20 minutes and by this time, nearly 350 students and teachers became a spectator of this cat and mouse game. However, Andrew recalled that within seconds the UFO shot away and vanished into thin air. The headmaster then asked everyone to return to their classrooms. "He gave the school a lecture and told the children they would be severely punished if they talked about this matter and told the staff they could lose their jobs if they mentioned it at all,” James said in his recording.

Andrew claimed to James that the headmaster was so “scared” and “disturbed” by the incident that he refused to step out of the school until the object disappeared. “When the Royal Australian Airforce contacted the headmaster he told them to ‘go and jump in a lake,’” James said. There have been several other claims which suggested that men dressed in black suits visited them and warned them from speaking about the incident. 

James has interviewed several others who saw the same phenomenon on that day and their sighting happens to be similar to the one described by Andrew. “At the time of seeing the UFO, he was a complete skeptic himself. He has never even considered the possibility of their existence,” James further added in his recording. When he asked the physical education teacher to describe what she had seen herself so that he could compare it with his own observation she just wouldn’t say anything.”

James also interviewed another girl who described the entire event to him but it all changed half an later as he claims she refused to say a word on the same. While James was unsure as to why the girl decided to not speak anything any further, he was sure that it had nothing to do with the threats that were given by the headmaster. The place where the incident took place that day is now a memorial park to reflect the 1966 Westall UFO incident. Even though we do not have a definite answer on if there is a life beyond earth or not, hearing what Andrew had to say gives hints that there might be more to the universe than we know.