Ouch! UFC star Bryce Mitchell reveals he tore his scrotum in half while using a drill

Bryce Mitchell took to his social media account and told his fans about the freaky accident he had and shared a picture of his bloody boxers.

                            Ouch! UFC star Bryce Mitchell reveals he tore his scrotum in half while using a drill
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In a bizarre incident, UFC star Bryce Mitchell revealed that he ripped his scrotum in half with a drill. Bryce then took to his social media profile to explain how this injury occurred. "So I was going to train today but I ripped my nutsack in half. I'm about to get stitched up," the 23-year-old wrote. 'I was holding a board over my head with a drill in my pants. I was sizing up the board and the drill went off and tangled my nuts up in it. I dropped the board and reversed the drill and untangled my nutsack but they were ripped in half. I'm serious too lol." Bryce noted that he will be off practice for a while but could not wait to recover from the injury so he could start training again. 

"'I obviously can't post a picture, but when my nuts are sealed back up I'm going to come and train again. I think a high kick would re-rip them haha," he further added. Despite the incident, Bryce did not let go of his funny side as he noted that anyone who wanted to make a witty remark of the incident had to make a very good one. "And if I hear any s****y puns about how this whole thing is nutty or screwed up I'm not talking to you for about a month," he noted. 

He further added, "If you're going to drop a pun to make fun of me at least put some thought into it lol." People were quick to comment on the post. Ballbusting on another level the fact you reversed drilled just blew my mind get well soon," wrote one. Another added, "That might be the worst thing I’ve ever heard". 

For some, they were finding it hard to believe how this could be true. "This is the most disturbing thing I’ve ever heard of. You survived a horror story! Not even @eliroth movies go this far," noted another. Others realized how painful it could have been as another commented, "Dude. Heal up. Ouch man. Looking forward to seeing you back in there... Healthy!" Another user chimed in, "May you heal fast so we can see you fight soon!"

Meanwhile, others believed that his bloody boxers should get him a good deal of sponsorship. "I have no idea how he has a sense of humor about this, but if @ThugnastyMMA doesn't get an underwear sponsorship out of today, there's something seriously wrong with the world. I'm never touching a drill again," read another comment. Bryce also noted that he had no plans of selling those boxers and he happens to know just how to recover it. 

"Someone asked me to auction off the bloody boxers but yal got me f**ked up. That’s a good pair Ima bleach em and keep wearing em," he tweeted. People were quick to comment as one noted, "That is the manliest thing on the inter webs today," while another added, "Lol you're awesome. Probably never thought everyone on social media would be talking about your boxers huh!?"