Who is Tyler Worden? Florida man hits daughter with pizza after she refused to eat with him

Who is Tyler Worden? Florida man hits daughter with pizza after she refused to eat with him
Tyler Worden was arrested after the incident (Indian River Sheriff’s Office)

VERO BEACH, FLORIDA: A Florida man has been arrested for throwing a slice of pizza at his 20-year-old daughter’s face, according to the arrest report obtained on Monday, May 24.

Tyler Worden, of Vero Beach, went to his daughter Kristin Worden's house to give her pizza but when he arrived, she told him that she wasn’t feeling good and asked him to leave, according to the arrest affidavit of Indian River Sheriff’s Office. As the daughter closed the door refusing to eat the pizza with him, the 41-year-old Worden became angry and “turned around and threw a slice of pizza at her striking her in the face,” noted the document. 


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After getting hit by the pizza and with sauce on her face, the woman stated that she asked her father to leave but he refused to do so. After his refusal, she contacted 911, who found her with “what looked to be tomato sauce on the left side of her face,” according to the report.

Worden told the police that he was upset because he was hoping to stay and eat it with her daughter. He also said that he threw the pizza when he thought the door was closed, though the officer writing the report — who smelled a “strong” whiff of alcohol on the man’s breath — says the evidence suggests otherwise, according to the document. The exact reason why Kristin refused to eat the pizza was not revealed by the police department.

According to the Indian River Sheriff’s Office, after being shown a sauce and topping-free door and seeing that “the ground just inside and outside the door was covered with pizza toppings,” authorities stated that, “there is no way that Tyler could not have seen that the door was open when he threw the pizza." Worden was taken into custody and transported to the Indian River County Jail. The bond amount for Worden has not been revealed yet. 

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