Tyler Perry tips out-of-work servers at his favorite Atlanta restaurant $21K while picking up order to-go

Tyler Perry tips out-of-work servers at his favorite Atlanta restaurant $21K while picking up order to-go
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Tyler Perry has generously donated a total of $21,000 to restaurant workers who were left out of a job because of the novel coronavirus pandemic, it has been revealed.

The 50-year-old, who has a net worth of over $600 million, is said to have left a tip of $500 for each of the 42 out-of-work servers employed at the West Paces location of Houston's while picking up a to-go order this past Sunday, April 5, according to TMZ.

Perry is said to be a big fan of the restaurant chain, and the money will likely prove to be a life-saver for the servers, who will probably be looking to apply for a stimulus check from the government.

The Senate passed an economic stimulus package of $2 trillion late last month, with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin stating that, under the relief package, single people earning below $75,000 will get $1,200 as "direct payments" while married couples will get $2,400 and parents $500 for each of their children below 17.

However, experts suspect that it might take months before the benefits start reaching people although it has been promised that it will be done in the next three weeks. Many are expected to get their checks as late as 20 weeks after they apply for it.

Perry's most recent act of kindness comes after he previously launched the #HesGotTheWholeWorldChallenge to spread positivity during the outbreak, which has seen more than 368,000 Americans contract COVID-19.

It started after he uploaded a video to his 5.5 million followers where he started singing the popular song with the goal that others would join him and complete the rest of it.

"It’s my hope that we add to this simple song in every language from every nation as we let it become a prayer for our whole world! God bless you today. And remember it’s all in God’s hands," he posted.

He then shared a video of various performers and singers performing the song, including Usher, Mariah Carey, Oprah, Gayle King, Billy Ray Cyrus, as well as Atlanta's very own Chloe x Halle.

"To me this song is a prayer of humility. It’s telling the world how small we really are in all of this and how we have to trust that it’s all in God’s hands!! So here’s round two as we keep praying for the world!! Feel free to join us!!" he wrote.

Perry is well-known and celebrated for his philanthropy and previously paid off the layaways -- which gives a customer a way to reserve a product at a retailer and then pay for it over a period of time -- of around 1,500 people at two Walmarts in Georgia this past Christmas. He reportedly donated $432,635 to the stores.

"I was trying to do this anonymously. So I just wanted to go ahead and tell you, if you have a layaway at Walmart at 844 Cleveland Avenue in East Point, GA, in Atlanta, or if you have a layaway at the Walmart at 7001 Concourse Parkway in Douglasville, GA...if you have a layaway at either place and it was in there as of 9:30 this morning...I have paid for all of your layaways for Christmas. So Merry Christmas to everybody," he shared.

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