'House of Payne' Season 9 Episode 13: Miranda finally goes on a date, but she still cares too much about Calvin

'House of Payne' Season 9 Episode 13: Miranda finally goes on a date, but she still cares too much about Calvin

Spoilers for 'House of Payne' Season 9 Episode 13 'Moving On'

Miranda (Keshia Knight Pulliam) just can't catch a break. Just when she's finally ready to tell Calvin (Lance Gross) about her feelings, she finds him in the arms of Laura (Quin Walters). Seeing the two kiss spurs Miranda to move on to someone new, but that's easier said than done. Miranda might be trying to make it work, but she's just too hung up on Calvin to be able to see past anything and her new date simply isn't the man she wants to be with.

Of course, she's dragging the Paynes into the whole thing, asking her date to pick her up from their house, in the hopes that word gets back to Calvin and inspires just the right kind of jealousy, interrupting date night between Ella (Cassi Davis) and Curtis (LaVan Davis). Curtis, of course, is not pleased about having his date night interrupted — that is, until he finds out just who Miranda is dating. Turns out that Miranda has managed to snag herself a date with a major league football player and Curtis has nothing but stars in his eyes, even if Miranda is distinctly lacking any heart in hers. It's hard to say who's more disappointed that things did not work out — Miranda's date or Curtis himself.

After Curtis moves on to deal with his disappointment, Ella cuts right to the heart of the matter in regards to just why Miranda's date didn't work out so well. Ignoring the laundry list of minor flaws Miranda pointed out in her date, Ella's able to see that the real reason Miranda's date didn't work out is because she's still in love with Calvin. Miranda did her best to move on, but on Ella's advice, she's going to tell Calvin what she's really feeling. Yes, again. And again and again, until Calvin finally understands what she's trying to tell him though it's beginning to sound like Miranda is the one who's not listening to what Calvin really wants. Finding him kissing another woman should have been her first clue but the heart wants what the heart wants.

The next episode of 'House of Payne' airs on October 28 on BET.

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