Tyler Joseph canceled? Twenty One Pilots singer slammed for staying quiet on BLM but posting about mental health

Twenty One Pilots singer mostly tweets about Pride month, his charity work and about his baby girl and fans are furious that he has nothing to say about BLM

                            Tyler Joseph canceled? Twenty One Pilots singer slammed for staying quiet on BLM but posting about mental health
Tyler Joseph (Getty Images)

Singer of musical duo Twenty One Pilots, Tyler Joseph, was mired in controversy on September 2 after he posted a series of tweets on mental health awareness irking fans who accused him of being silent on Black Lives Matter. While he seemed to sensitize people on mental health, his fandom took note of the fact that the singer has remained silent on Black Lives Matter and the socio-political unrest in the US. Taylor posted, "Starting September 6th is national suicide prevention awareness week. What does that mean exactly? I don’t know. But if it can get a single person’s attention at the right time, it’s everything.” 


In another tweet he wrote, “You don’t know what someone else is going through. what other invisible weights they may be struggling to carry. keep that in mind as you go about your interactions. and take care of yourself, please.” 


He continued, “I respect all the warriors out there fighting for different causes. there is honor in it, purpose, and it can make our world better. I just want to remind you what i’m fighting for: your mental health is more important today than it ever has been. you’re not alone.”


He mentioned how he is using his platform to spread awareness. “This isn’t a notes app moment. I’m doubling down on my platform tweet. It was fantastic.”  


Most of Tyler’s tweets between February and now focus on pride month, his charity work and are about his baby girl along with occasional jokes. This is why when he posted about mental health, the internet started to slam him and #TylerJosephIsOverParty started trending as people accused the star of not speaking a word on the widespread protests and Black Lives Matter. Some even called him a "straight White millionaire" who just jokes rather than speaks seriously about causes that matter. However, his fans came to his rescue and supported him saying it is not the duty of icons but the government to take action on serious issues. 
A user wrote, “So what I’m grasping here is that you don’t care about black lives. Cool.”  


Another said, “A straight white millionaire male thinks it’s funny to not use his platform that will be seen by millions of people to speak up on blm. he hasn’t said one word about anything black people being MURDERED by cops and still jokes around. this is sick. #TylerJosephIsOverParty.” 


Some feel his behavior encourages mockery of grave crimes. "#TylerJosephIsOverParty your behaviour encourages making light/a mockery of the unjust killing of the black community by white supremacists and refusing to use your power to speak out on this issue is vile.” 


People are ready to boycott him. “#TylerJosephIsOverParty he really hurt most of his fans with his insensitivity the way he IGNORED us and made fun of us. We won't stand for it.” 


Some wanted to cancel him. “Bro CANCEL THIS MAN #tylerjosephisoverparty.” 


Others came to his rescue and supported him. "Just because he dont post about it doesn’t mean he don't care jeez you don’t need to post about something to show you care for all you know he could of gone to protests or gave lots of money to it just because he not talking about it don't mean he does not care.”  


Another supporter of Tylor wrote, “Your GOVERNMENT has to do it not your idol but anyways just unfollow him and leave.” 


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