Who is Tyler Hoechlin dating? A look at 'Superman & Lois' star's girlfriends, from Rachele Brooke to Brittany Snow

'Superman & Lois' star Tyler Hoechlin is said to have dated several actresses like Rachele Brooke, Candice Accola, Brittany Snow, among others

                            Who is Tyler Hoechlin dating? A look at 'Superman & Lois' star's girlfriends, from Rachele Brooke to Brittany Snow
Tyler Hoechlin dated 'Pitch Perfect' star Brittany Snow but the couple chose to keep their relationship off their social media pages (Getty Images)

‘Superman & Lois’ star Tyler Hoechlin is one of the most private celebrities from the current generation of actors. Hoechlin, who is going to reprise his role of Clark Kent aka Superman in the much-awaited spinoff of Arrowverse, uses his social media channels mainly to promote his projects. Even though Hoechlin had a string of high-profile relationships in the past, as of 2021, he is reportedly not involved with anyone seriously.

In the past, Hoechlin is said to have dated numerous noted personalities from the entertainment world, including Ashlee Simpson, Alena Gerber, Candice Accola King, Brittany Snow, and Rachele Brooke Smith.


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Actress Rachel Brooke Smith (L) and actor Tyler Hoechlin (Getty Images)

Tyler Hoechlin and Rachele Brooke Smith

In 2010, it was reported that Hoechlin and Smith were seeing each other. The ‘How I Met Your Mother’ actress was spotted on numerous occasions with the Hoechlin. He even addressed his relationship during one of his earlier interviews with Seventeen.

“I’ve been with my girlfriend for two years. You have to not be afraid to do the little things. You can always send flowers or something like that. My girlfriend and I never let each other forget how much we love each other. It’s all about reminding the other person how important and special she is to you,” Hoechlin said.

Hoechlin and Smith reportedly parted ways in 2012.

Tyler Hoechlin and Jill Wagner

After his split from Smith, there were several rumors that Hoechlin started seeing his ‘Teen Wolf’ co-star Jill Wagner. The duo made several public appearances together, fueling the rumors of their alleged relationship.

Actress Jill Wagner (L) and actor Tyler Hoechlin (Getty Images)

However, they never confirmed the rumors of their relationship.

Tyler Hoechlin and Brittany Snow

Hoechlin began dating ‘Pitch Perfect’ star Brittany Snow, however, the timeline of their relationship is unclear. The actress shared during an interview with E! News in 2015 that she preferred to conceal her relationship because she felt it loses its magic if talked too much.

Actors Tyler Hoechlin (L) and Brittany Snow (Getty Images)

"Sometimes if you give too much away, it loses its magic, as cheesy as that sounds. We like to keep our moments to ourselves, which is why we don't do much social media," Snow explained. "We're not hiding anything. We're not wanting people to know."

Tyler Hoechlin’s best date

While talking to Cosmopolitan in 2013, Hoechlin spoke about a date he had in Hawaii. When it was asked to him about his best date, he spoke of the two days he spent on a Hawaii beach. He also told the magazine that when it comes to relationships, he always believes that communication is the most crucial thing in any relationship.

Tyler said: "When it comes to relationships, if there is something bugging you, instead of trying to pretend like it's not, it's better to make it known and deal with it as opposed to letting it turn into something bigger while the other person has no idea."


He also confessed that he sees no harm in kissing a friend on special moments, as long as one does not force it. “I would never go against having a friend to kiss. If it’s there, go for it, but don’t force it…There’s nothing better that you could be doing than what you’re doing and who you’re with, so have a hell of a time, have a drink, and have fun.”

Hoechlin's ‘Superman & Lois’ will premiere on February 23, 2021.

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