Tyler Hilton hints that 'One Tree Hill' reboot 'could happen'

Tyler Hilton hints that 'One Tree Hill' reboot 'could happen'
Tyler Hilton (Getty Images)

One Tree Hill fans might have something to look forward to because Tyler Hilton, who played the role of Chris Keller on the show hints that there is a possibility that the show might get a reboot. In fact, it seems like the question about the reboot happens to strike again every year. 

Tyler hints there is a possibility of one tree hill reboot (Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

“Dude, we ask that every year. Who knows? I mean, it’s so random,” he told US Weekly. Looking at other old shows coming back on the screen, Tyler does not think it is bad to bring back the show. “But I’m so into Roseanne and every time I’m asked about it, I’m like, ‘It could happen. You never know," he added. Tyler became part of the show during the second season. 

After this, he became a recurring character on the show. Even though the last time the entire cast was seen together was in 2012, Tyler admits that they all are still in touch and meet often. “Yeah, we do actually. I mean, it’s crazy. We have, like, nine years, and through our formative years too and, like, our college years, which I feel like some of your closest friends come out of. So we see each other all the time,” he explained. 

At the same time, various conventions which are held worldwide makes it a reason for all of them to come together and enjoy each other's company. "Also, there are conventions still around the world. We see each other every year at those," he added. 

One of the cast members that Tyler is close to is Kate Voegele who joined the show in season 5 as Mia Catalano. The pair performs music together and it is something which is loved by all the fans. “Oh, yeah. And I and Kate do it together, people have been loving it. They go crazy. But it’s insane, Netflix brought this whole other round of people," he said. 

"Like, every time I’m on tour, the fans are all still, like, 18 to 25,” the Walk the Line actor explained. “Now it’s on Hulu! I was just at this college and they were, like, ‘Oh yeah, we watch it on Hulu.’ … It’s just so crazy, there are so many shows out there and they like us. It’s cool though.” The show was a complete hit and ran for nine years and even after all these years, people want the show to return. 

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